Save the Wallers!

Ignore the lame attempt of a joke title.

Recently I've noticed a lack of activity in the Wallpapers section. I've heard complaints about not having good scans to use. Well, I may not be a waller (though I'd like to learn the craft), but I have some solutions.

Solution #1:

I rounded up a bunch of sites that may be of use. Disclaimer: I don't exactly know how reliable these sites are in terms of official art, though I'm pretty sure most of them are fine.

Anime Artbooks
Spectrum Nexus
Celestial Star
Renders Graphics
The Jaded Network
The Forgotten Lair
Anime Galleries
Pure Anime Gallery

I had bookmarked a few more, but it seems those sites went under. Kinda sad.

Solution #2:

If someone would be so kind as to hold a Challenge for people to submit artwork for use in wallpapers, I would greatly appreciate it. (I'd do it myself, but I'm hosting another Challenge right now.) Wallers could make suggestions in the comments of what they'd like the fan artists to do. Or something like that. Any other rules are up to the Challenge maker.

Solution #3:

I was thinking of something like the Secret Santa event with both artists AND wallers. Instead of an SS, it would be a Valentine's Day/White Day sort of thing. If you don't know what I mean, it's a Japanese sort of thing. Google it. I'm probably going to get it wrong if I explain it here.

So, the plan would be to sign up as an artist, waller, or "flexible" (meaning you could do either, if there's a shortage of one in relation to the other). The wallers would make wish lists for fan artists, and each artist would receive a wish list. Then the artist would draw a picture for the waller to use as a "Valentine". The wallers would then make a wallpaper from the artwork and dedicate it to the artist as a White Day present.

There could be kinks in this setup, but I'm currently not aware of them. I'm not even sure if this should be a fan-run event or if I should PM the higher-ups to make this official. Let me know what you think.