Voice Meme: The Sequel

My voice meme is now posted. You can find it here. It will either play automatically, or ask you to download, depending on your machine/device. Just be patient because it's a whopping 40+ minutes. At least I was able to edit it down from over an hour. I can't believe it took me 23 days to edit this thing. Granted, I've been busy, but still.

Usa asks:
1: do you like tea?
2: if yes, do you prefer hot or ice tea?
3: if you could create your own flavor of tasks or coffee which ever you prefer, what would it be and why did you choose it?
4: if you celebrate one of the wide arrays of winter holidays, what is your favorite holiday snack?
5: what is your opinion on fruit cake?
6: why do people fix fruit cake?
7: if you could have anything as a holiday gift, what would it be and why?
8: what is your favorite animal?
9: if you could have your favorite animal as a pet, would you?
10: do you have a favorite accessory?
11: how do you feel about snow?
12: keba...do you want to build a snowman?
13: how many songs do you have in your musical library?
14: if you had to pick a soundtrack for your life based on your personality what would be the top five songs?
15: do you like hugs?
16: if so if we ever meet can I hug you?
17: you asked me this once in the past so now I want your answer. What is your opinion on flamingos?
18: honestly how do you put up with my weirdness xD?

Kaerlyn asks:
What is your name? What is your favourite colour? What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?


Ok I'll quit quoting Monty Python things at you XD

1. What is your favourite season and why?
2. Do you have a favourite author? Who? (I like book recommendations ^^)
3.If you could change into an animal at will, what would you pick?

HametsuKuro asks:
Why did you join theO?
What is your opinion on how much less active it has become?
If you can choose one composer to make a music score of your life, who will it be?
What's you favorite element? Why?
What's your Chinese Zodiac?

Elricz asks:
1. What keeps you motivated to do art?
2. Have you ever finger-painted?
3. What's your favorite anime of the season?
4. If you could have a degree in anything, what would it be?
5. What's your dream pet?
6. How do you feel about the BODE meme?
7. Would you be willing to try zoodles? They're zucchini noodles made with a spiralizer
8. How much of a foodventurer are you? Do you like to try new things?
9. Do you have a favorite sport?
10. If you were a vegetable, what one would you be?

TDE asks:
1: Have you heard of the musical artist Pogo?
2: What do you think has taken up most of your time lately?
3: Are you politically active?
4: When you do music, what inspires you?

Lena asks:
1)What's the best job you ever had?
2)What's the worst job?
3)If you could bring back a dead person for five minutes to talk to them, who would it be and what would you say?
4)Who was your first crush?
5)What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?

Toya asks:
1. Do you have a particular original story that you would love to see animated? and if so who would you cast to voice your ocs! and how long would your series be? and would you write the music for your series too?
(lol sorry this one was totally more then one question. oTL

2. Who is your favorite mangaka and which of your ocs would you like to see in their style?

3. Other then anime do you watch any other animated media? and if you do, what do you normally like to watch?

Nikki asks:
1. Any animes you are currently watching?
2. What do you do when you have art block?
3. If you met Greed (from fma) in real life, what do you think would happen?
4. Name your favorite snack!
5. If you had to switch lives with someone for one day, who would it be and why?
6. Did you enjoy high school?