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This is a personal blog, where I'll post... well, what I want.

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Where to Find Me

Guys, hit me up at MyAnimeList. That's basically where I spend all my time now. I'm not going to stop checking up on here every once in a while, but this place is really dead. Like, really. So I'm going to list myself as officially migrated.

Poetry Stuff

I've actually been writing a bit of poetry lately.


In the monochrome forest
I beheld your dark green frame
As if a shadow to break
Me from this tedious rain

With our hedgehog dilemma
The awkward hesitation
Our mutual self-hatred
Fought out by desperation

Call it my eighth grade syndrome
Or insane flights of fancy
Deep habits from my past
Have crept back and haunted me

Yet I wonder to myself
After leaving all I knew
Could I believe in God the
Way I believed in you?

And this second one is a sonnet I submitted to MALentine:

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SS Wishlist 2017


Yuri!!! on Ice
Made in Abyss
Danganronpa (Gundam, Komaeda, Kokichi, Kiibo, Kaito, or Togami)
Black Butler
Jojo Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable
Death Parade
Kekkai Sensen
Eden of the East
3-Gatsu no Lion
Deadman Wonderland
Mystic Messenger (Unknown/Ray, V, 707)
Killing Stalking


So I've officially written my first book! It's called Asura, and if y'all want to buy it, here are the links:

Physical Copy

Kindle Copy

Please buy it no one else has lol ;~;

Or, if you don't have money but still want to support me, you can like my Facebook author page or just tell your friends about it.

So, yeah!

Wallpaper SS?

Anyone interested in doing a wallpaper SS this year? I'm totally down to host it, I just need to know if there's enough people interested to make it worthwhile.