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Five Months Ago

Five months ago

Five months ago we danced
We chatted away the night
As if nothing could stop us

Since then it's been little more than glances
Little questions
And I could tell you the answer
If only I could figure out what you were asking

There have been moments
Where you seem to remember that night, too
And you carry the same desire to recreate it

But they drown in confusion
In the little pains of everyday life
Leaving me to wonder
If it's just my imagination
Or do you truly care

Lately it seems my only spider's thread
The only hope I hold onto
To drag me from my despair
Is the sweet memory of that night

Five months ago

Still Here

Yeah, I know my wallpaper posting has been spotty. And I know I owe you guys a huge update. I've just been a little busy, so bear with me. ^^'

That being said, I'm still lurking - I do still read most of your updates.

Weaboo Meme

Stolen from Snowzi. Side note: I do truly love Japan, just as a real country with people and culture and language, and not as some otaku holy land. So no, I'm not a weaboo. QUIZ TIME: [x] You've seen at least one anime...

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AotA OC Meme

Made by Sena Harulumin. If you haven't already, go check out Academy of the Amnestic! William: [x]...

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