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Sweet and Bitter

So, the strains of life have seemed to attack me at once.

The end of the term is coming up next week, and I have a good amount of homework that still needs to get done. My grades are dying, and I have a limited amount of time to get them up.

Not only that, but my band life is busy, too. Yesterday we had a concert (which... didn't turn out so well), tonight I have a solo (which I still haven't practiced for, and next Wednesday I have region festival, which will take up almost the entire day.

Add in the fact that my mother's sick, my friend might have cancer, my grandpa's finishing his chemotherapy (don't worry, nothing major), and it has just been wearing down on me.

Not to mention stress for planning for the Sadie's date. Which I may have to explain a bit: where I live, we usually have a "day activity", which can be anything ranging from bowling to playing freeze tag to... well, whatever you guys would want. Then we have dinner, then we have the dance. This usually happens all on the same day. However, to accommodate for Zoe's play performances (I'm going Saturday night), we're having the day activity tomorrow, a breakfast (rather than dinner) Saturday morning, and then going to the dance Saturday night. I'll update you on it Sunday.

So, that's the bitterness.

As for the sweetness, well...

I've found a new character to fangirl over. Here's the catch... *whispers* he's not an anime character... it's... Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown. I know if you've seen the show, you're probably like, "You have a crush on...

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...this guy?"

And then you see

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and you're like "Ooohhh...."

The thing with Jack Spicer is that he's either really goofy, or actually pretty cool, and while my favorite AMV of him does a pretty decent job of keeping it somewhat serious. This one is pretty good, too, but not really my style.

And last of all, the sweetest and the most blaringly obvious about this week.

...I have a freakin' date with Ninja tomorrow.

It's not just tomorrow, the entire week I've been talking with him more than I normally do. It's so much fun~ The biggest struggle I have with it is that I'll have these little bouts of thinking about how worthless I am next to him. Generally I have a solid self esteem but lately... it's been a bit shaky.

But I'll survive, and that's the solid truth of it.

Getting Closer...

This post will probably be shorter than usual, because it's late...'n' stuff.

So, this week has been a bit of a struggle. At least, the first half. It wasn't too bad, just had some quarrel with members of my trombone section as well as in the roleplay. It was all resolved by Wednesday, though.

Also, it should be noted that I saw Frozen for the first time on Monday. My hipster pride is suffering, though; I know a couple people who still haven't seen it, so I'm not the last person...DX

On Thursday and Friday I went on a wallpaper binge. In the past 72 hours I've made 3 Wallpapers and 1 iWallie, which is a lot for me. I guess I just felt like I hadn't posted anything in ages.

I've been working on grades -.- Some have gone up, but others have gone down. Now I'm struggling to get the ones that went down to come back up.

Wednesday next week is our band concert, and the following day is Regional Solo and Ensemble Festival. Oi, I need to practice.

And, as the title implies, I'm on the edge of the seat for the dance this coming weekend with Ninja. There has been some issues planning (do I have enough money, is X person coming, can we work around Zoe's play performances, etc). It's almost completely done now, though. *phew*

I've been uncannily happy today. It could be I just did a bunch of stuff I love (i.e. make Swedish pancakes for breakfast, take a long bath, go to a play), but I could also blame it on that stupid certain dream I had of the uncannily romantic kind. >//>

I leave you with this really, really hot GIF of Yukio smiling. Really hot.

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Anime Tag (Not!)

The title is just a little joke, and a reference to the fact that I wasn't technically tagged in this. I just picked this up from The Black Critic Guy and I thought it'd be a cool thing to do.

These just some questions that I have to answer regarding anime and such.

Favorite and least favorite genre?

I'd have to say my favorite genre is thriller/suspense. I'll give major props to any anime that can keep me on the edge of my seat, whether it be through intense action scenes or Death-Note-style intense battles of intelligence.

My least favorite would definitely be ecchi/hentai. However, if you're going to say that it doesn't really count as an anime, I'd probably say fantasy. Fantasy just feels so over-done that it's hard to create an original setting and new characters and a strong plotline. Most of my experiences with fantasy (both in anime and in books) have not been very memorable, so it stays as my least favorite genre.

Is there an anime you loved so much you had to go read the manga?

This one is difficult, since I refuse to watch manga online, and I'm usually too broke to go and buy it myself. I do own plenty of manga, it's just in most of those cases I've read the manga before I've seen the anime.

However, in one case, yes. I loved Kuroshitsuji so much that (along with being told the manga was better) I went out and bought the first volume. And to this day, the first volume is all that I own, not because I didn't like it... but because I'm still broke.

Favorite power in anime?

I'd probably say ninjutsu as a whole. (Does that count as one power?) I say that because with the power of ninjutsu, you can do a ton of things. Even if your affinity is, say, water, you can still master lightning and wind. You're not completely limited by birthright. Not to mention you can summon, control puppets, transform, and do a ton of other things using ninjutsu.

What anime cliffhanger annoyed you the most?

I'm going to say the end of Deadman Wonderland. It just bugs me how an amazing anime can pretty much be cut halfway through, with virtually nothing tied up. I don't even remember how it technically ended, I just remember feeling angry. And remembering the anger makes me angry. So, yeah.

Best moment in anime?

Hmm... so many good moments... in the end, though, I'd probably have to say (Welcome to the NHK spoiler) the almost-suicide scene in Welcome to the N.H.K. I've seen suicide attempts by many characters in anime, but only in this one is it actually done by the main character. It feel so heartfelt, and it kept me on the edge of my seat while bawling my eyes out, especially when Misaki starts talking about the whole garbage-on-the-side-of-the-road-thing... holy cow. Ho-ly-cow. The emotion. And of course, it ends perfectly with the quote from Yamazaki: "People like us aren't qualified to be involved in a dramatic incident such as suicide. No matter how depressed you are or how much pain you're in, you have to return to your routine, daily life. Even if you don't come back, you'll just end up dying in vain. A dramatic death isn't befitting of us." Probably my favorite quote from all of anime.

Favorite anime reviewer?

Hands down, Arkada from Glass Reflection. Though he puts up reviews less often than other reviewers, his reviews are all high quality. He's organized, intelligent, fun, respectful, classy, attractive, and never fails to make good points. It was him who made me want to start reviewing in the first place.

If you owned Avatar The Last Airbender would you put it on your anime shelf?

Eh... er... probably not. That isn't to say I don't consider it anime, I just say that because so many of my favorite Western cartoons are Eastern-influenced that it would feel wrong to give one the right to be on the anime shelf while leaving the others on the cartoon shelf.

Anime you don't think gets enough love?

Hmm... this could mean one of two things. It could mean A. It needs to be more popular, or B. It needs to be bashed on less. The first one I'd say would be FLCL. Sure, it's really short, but there's so much in there that could be talked about. The second one I'd say is Welcome to the N.H.K. I've seen many reviewers review it... well, review it fairly and actually point out the flaws in its animation. However, I almost feel like they don't get the emotion driving the entire anime. It needs to be loved more overall.

Best relationship/bond in anime?

Ooohhhh... you had to pick this one... owch... uh, well, I'm going to make a side note and say that Yukio and Rin Okumura were a close one. But the one that I'd have to pick is Might Gui and Rock Lee. This is because I can relate to these two. Ever since I was twelve, I've had a mentor in my life who's taught me to play trombone, talked with me through issues, and knows me more than any living adult besides my parents. While the bond between him and I aren't anywhere as close as Gui's and Lee's, it's enough to make me relate to how strong the bond between and teacher and student can really be.

Favorite anime?

...I hope you all already know this, considering it's on the top of my anime page. If not, well, it's Welcome to the NHK, an anime that's already been mentioned a few times in this tag. The reason is simple; it's the anime that most accurately reflects real life. There's no gimmicks, no belief suspension, no trying to wrap your head around anything. It's straightforward, and, yeah, it's sad, but sadness isn't the only emotion. In fact, I'd call it more bittersweet - because life is neither pure sorrow nor pure happiness. It's not dramatic enough to be that way. Because it's just life.

Why Not (Confession Meme)

Stolen from ElementalNinja

[/] Talked back to a teacher. (I didn't "talk back" but I did tell him to shut up...)
[ ] Been kicked out of a class.
[ ] Worn your pajamas to school.
[ ] Had your tooth fall out during school. (In first grade.)
[ ] Gotten yourself lost in your school.
[X] Broken the dress code in your school. ("No hats/bandanna's" ...worn both)
[X] Completely and utterly failed a test. (...shaddup)
[ ] Left your class without asking anybody.
[ ] Missed a whole week of school for something stupid.
[ ] Thrown up your lunch in school.

[ ] Argue with your parents a lot.
[ ] Argue with your brother a lot.
[ ] Argue with your sister a lot. (You mean my non-existant one? ...well, I guess I do have a sister-in-law)
[ ] Do your own laundry.
[X] Cook dinner once in a while.
[ ] Are loud and obnoxious at home.
[X] Wear pajamas when you are not going to go anywhere.
[ ] You sleep in very long.
[/] All you do is watch television/go on the internet. (Hey, I do stuff....sometimes...)
[ ] Your parents are divorced.
[ ] Your family makes you cry a lot.
[ ] One or both of your grandparents live with you. (Just my grandma)
[ ] You can't stand being with your parents.

[/] You currently dislike one or more of your friends. (Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't)
[ ] You are jealous of one or more of your friends.
[ ] You have known a friend your whole life.
[ ] Your friends are all taller than you.
[ ] You have been ditched by a friend.
[x] You have memorized a friends phone number. (When I was like, 11)
[ ] You have lost/forgotten a friends phone number.
[X] You have been to most of your friends houses.
[/] You love most of your friends. (Eh)

[/] You bite your nails. (On occasion)
[ ] You have an odd obsession with knives. (I like sharp objects, but hate being poked by them, lol.)
[ ] You cannot sleep with the door closed.
[x] You cannot sleep with the door open. (Freakin'...must...be...closed...)
[ ] There is at least one sound you cannot stand.
[/] You write stories about mad cannibalistic serial killers. (I could, if I wanted to...)
[x] You are good at telling lies.

[X] You currently like/love someone.
[ ] You want to kill one of your exs.
[ ] You can't stay committed for an unusually long time.
[ ] You get bored of your crush/bf/gf easily.
[ ] A crush/bf/gf has called you self-centered before.
[X] Your ex has dumped you for another person. (Ugh...)
[/] You don't want a bf/gf at the moment.

[X] Gay marriage is fine by you.
[/] Boys make better friends than girls do. (Both are equal)
[ ] Pink is an ugly color.
[x] Needles aren't so horrible. (seriously, they hurt for, like, a minute or two, and then it's gone. What's the big deal?)
[ ] Human flesh tastes like fine aged veal. (...)
[ ] You have plenty of secrets.

[ ] Fallen up the stairs.
[ ] Had your shoelaces tied together.
[ ] Had a nail fall off.
[ ] Captured, Manipulated, or Destroyed a soul.
[ ] Worn something inside out for a whole day.

Man, I hardly have any confessions... I'm boring, aren't I?

Just an Update


That is all.