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Still Waiting...

As the title implies, no I have not gotten an answer. My friend has talked to him about it, and he says the reason he hasn't answered is because he's busy. (Trust me, knowing him, this is a completely legit reason). I'll probably talk to him about it tomorrow and get an official answer so I can at least know whether he can come or not.

Well, I dealt with some crap today. It's not significant enough to put in this post (by the end of tomorrow I won't care at all), but, for the first time in probably about three months, I fully cried for a reason other than because of an anime. It was sad, but it was also kind of encouraging, knowing that I still have emotions other than happy-go-lucky.

My dad has gone away for work for a week, and since my only sibling is married and off in college, it means my mother and I have the house to ourselves. This usually means that we treat ourselves to various fast food/restaurants for dinner (i.e. one night Subway, one night Wendy's, and one night some other resturaunt). Normally this doesn't bother me, but OI this week has made me feel fat. It doesn't help that my best friend has taken up running a mile every day, while I sit here on my lazy butt. =.= I usually don't struggle with weight-related self image, but uggghhh this week and a half has been an exception.

Grades have also been a thing. My grades have been lower than normal so far this term, and I've decided to go on a short quest to bring them up. I hope it's a success; the better my grades, the more likely I can go to my college of choice.

Part of which is extra credit - in US History, we can watch a WWII movie we haven't seen before for extra credit. I asked about Grave of the Fireflies, and my teacher said that should be okay. So I get to finally watch one of the three Studio Ghibli films I've heard of but haven't seen (the other two being The Wind Rises and Porco Rosso.

Speaking of grades, back to testing - I don't know how well I did on the math test, and my teacher hasn't gotten them back up on our grade yet... *shrug*. I hope I did decent.

As for the ACT, I thought I did pretty well and the English and Reading sections (those are always my strong suits), the math section was... decent, but boy did the science section throw me off. I doubt I did as well as I was hoping for; now I'm crossing my fingers for a 28 or higher. Even if I didn't do so well, I registered for a second ACT and I'm more prepared and knowing what to expect.

So I have to ask an opinion of you guys. After making my latest wallpaper, I realized something - I felt like a one-trick pony. By that I mean all my wallpapers feel very similar. For example, here are a few of my most recent wallpapers:

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They're all similar in that they all are a little grunge-ish, they all have a dark color scheme, and they all have one focus image. Do you think I'm a one-trick pony and that I need to add variety, or that I'm just establishing my style?


I know I haven't posted anything in ages. I've been busy... alright? not really

So, I've been watching Naruto. I'm alllmmmooossssttt done with the non-filler of Naruto, just a few episodes shy of being done. When I'm done, y'all will get a huge review of Naruto. Yeey~ It will also probably be the reward for hitting 2000 view on my Of Death and Love world. (It's not quite there, but almost!)

Tests, tests, tests! I had a test in social dance on Monday. I got 85, which is pretty decent. I also have a math test this Monday. I'm pretty confident, but then again, I usually am confident before I complete it, after I complete it, but when I get my test back I usually found out I did fairly poorly =.= hopefully Monday'll be an exception.

I also have an ACT test Tuesday. It's a minus and a plus - a minus because who likes long, standardized testing =.= but it's a plus because we get out earlier than a normal school day would *yey*. Also because I took the Pre-ACT and it predicts my score to be somewhere between 31-35, and I want to find out if it's true =.= I need a good score to get into the college I want to go to.

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How I freakin' feel

So, how was my trombone solo you ask? Well, with a score from V to I (with I being the best), I got a I-. (Second best, in other words). So I do get to go on to region. Yey~ I need to work on breathing in the right places, as well as opening the jaw more. On the flips side, my friend only got a II+, so she isn't going on to region. She doesn't seem to mind that much, though.

So, things with my crush. I asked my crush to the Sadie Hawkin's dance, and, well... I haven't gotten a response yet. You see, where I live, you don't just walk up and ask them. You do it more elaborately and discreetly (for example, I wrote one letter of my name on some glow-in-the-dark stars, and stuck those with a bunch of others all over his front door with a note that says "I would be 'shining' with excitement if you came to Sadie's with me!", then rang the doorbell and ran). You also respond in a similar manner. However, it can take a while. But still, I've been waiting an entire week, and it's been driving me insane... like really insane, like...

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So, that doth be my life right now.

What's with Frank Sinatra today?

First off, I'm going to say that I'm going to try and do a weekly update on life. No specific day is set, just once a week.

Second off, I gotta say, I love Frank Sinatra, though he rarely comes into my daily life. Today, however, two classes played his music (Social Dance and Drawing). It made me happy, but still... what's with teachers and Frank Sinatra?

The test on the Foxtrot in Social Dance is on Monday... eesh. I'm not too scared, though, I picked a good guy to test with. I don't consider him very attractive, but he's very good at leading the foxtrot (benifits of marching band, maybe?), so I have little worry.

So, someone commented that my roleplay style is like a cheesy soap opera. ...I wouldn't disagree, I do add a bunch of pauses and cheesy dialogue. Probably comes from my early roleplay years, in which all I roleplayed was dramatic romances.

I've discovered that my artistic ability is above others in my class. It's not that I'm better at the drawing itself, I'm just better at creating a graidient. *shrugs* I guess all of that practice payed off, I never knew it'd be such an essential skill.

So, SOLO AND ENSEMBLE WAS TODAY. I thought of putting together a french horn quartet, but I never did. I did, however, do a solo. I did decently; it wasn't my best run, but it could have been a lot worse. My best friend did a solo, too. I'm crossing my fingers we'll both make it to region.

I'm on about episode 98 on my trek that is Naruto. I can look at that two ways: 1. I've completed less than half and it's almost been two months, you horrible, lazy slacker, or 2. You've completed the equivalent of four average-lengthed anime... impressive.

I've also been watching Psycho-Pass and Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo. Psycho-Pass has been pretty good, like a more refined, less artistic version of Ergo Proxy that asks a different psychological question. (Random note: speaking of psychology, am I the only one who thinks it's really weird learning about of your brain? All of a sudden you're aware of every breath you take, every twitch you make, every thought you have.)

As for the grant total of two episodes of Gankutsuou I've seen... holy cow. It's been doing a decent job of following the book (yes, I've read it... at least, most of it), but holy shiznits the visuals. Every time I have to double check someone hasn't slipped some sort of golden LSD in my drink. The visuals are amazing, colorful, and thematic, so good to the point of almost being bad.

Yeah, there's more stuff on my mind, but I'm currently too lazy to type it out. So, I'll see all y'all!

Ja ne!

Victorian Grunge

Check it out! It's my new design. I hope y'all likey.

Obligatory Valentine's/Single's Awareness Day Post

Or, as I've been calling it, "Get Fat Day" (Seriously, if you knew how much my best friend and I have had/will have, you'd be calling it that, too).

Well, for me it's Single's Awareness Day. However, even though I'm spending it single doesn't mean that I'm spending it alone. My best friend Zoe and I are having a sleepover, comforting each other in our singleness. We'll probably watch anime with hot boys, rant about our friends of the opposite gender, and speculate the mysteries of males.

So, while we're enjoying Single's Awareness Day our own way, I hope y'all enjoy it in your own way. *hands out chocolate*

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