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Happy birthday, Steve Perry!!

...Although in many places it's technically past this birthday, I'm saying happy birthday to a musician who was a great part of my tweenhood. Here, for his birthday, y'all can have a Journey song dump:

Don't Stop Believin'

Open Arms


Be Good to Yourself

Who's Crying Now

Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

Ask the Lonely

Seperate Ways (Worlds Apart) (Love this one)

And some of their less popular ones that I absolutely love (although a couple of these are technically by Arnel Pineda)

Faith in the Heartland

Troubled Child

Change for the Better

Only the Young

Anime suggestions?

Ever had a craving for a specific kind of food, but you can't quite pinpoint what food you want? Well, that's me and anime right now. This post is going to be very specific, and a lot of the anime you're thinking of are probably going to be nixed, so if you have very little experience with anime, its probably best for you to skip.

First off, check out the anime I've already watched. If the anime appears on there, don't suggest it. Second off, generally I'm looking for a phsycological-horror-mystery type anime. I don't really want to cry, though, so nothing too sad. Also, I don't want the focus to be on the blood, I want to feel disturbed, not grossed out. I don't want a whole lot of sexual innuendo, so no Gantz. The less the fanservice, the better. Sorry, no Higurashi, I'm not really in the mood to watch lolis kill each other. Also, I'm already watching Naruto, so I'm not going to put in the effort for another long-running series, so no Case Closed (though I might check out the first few episodes soon). Oh, and no Last Exile or... the other one *can't remember the name* And no Serial Experiments Lain. My brain is too tired to handle that one. Also, a solid plot is preferable. So, I'm looking for an anime sort of like Death Note, maybe with a bit of Dangan Ronpa or Deadman Wonderland in it, with maybe a bit of Amnesia as sprinkles. For example, I might pick up the Count of Monte Cristo (Its plot won't be too confusing for me, since I've already read the book)

So, for any of you anime gurus out there, if you could suggest an anime for me, I'd, like, love you forever.

A (Late) Thank-You!

Yaay 1000 views on this world! It's a little late, I know (I've already hit the 1100 mark) but still, thanks to all who'd take the time to read my silly little posts on here. ^^

Here's one of my favorite character-song pairings in the form of an AMV as a thanks:


I'm sorry. I usually hate ranting about my life in public. But I've left my mouth stitched shut for what feels like so long and it's been wearing down on me and I need someone to listen.

Lately I've been feeling "lost". For the longest time I've known exactly who I was (a loud, strong and independent girl) but lately I've been feeling ostracized from myself. Anime is, for the most part, a bore and everything else feels like a chore. The only certain mine of happiness comes from talking to the guy I like because it seems like he cares for me like I care for him, but at night I think about him and telling him about how I feel and my stomach turns into the tightest knots thinking about hearing the words "No, I don't like you back."

After four months of tiring emotional torture and boredom I've tried to comfort myself be becoming self-indulgent but all I can hear is "You're selfish. You're foolish. All your future successes come at a price and that price will leave you broke and broken."

For most of my life I've known what career I wanted to pursue (writing) but all of a sudden writing is a bore and other careers seem interesting and new (musician, graphic design, composer, movie director) but all come with a flaws and what used to be a steady rock of certainty has become a deep well of confusion and I don't know how to climb out.

I've always who's enjoyed trying to plan my future but with a sudden flurry of uncertainty it's become a white blizzard, with me moving forward taking each step just trying to keep my footing, hoping that each step I take isn't a mistake, that it won't send me falling down into snow that is who knows how deep and who knows how long it will take me to get back up.

Once again, I'm sorry, I usually don't like to make posts like this, but after listening to Instructions for a Bad Day I must follow it. I can't stay silent any longer.

Thank you for listening.


I know I promised New Years posts, and they will get posted eventually, but I've been feeling a little burnt out, so bear with me as I take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks off.