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Well, my dA subscribers got a sudden whoosh of icons after I've been inactive for months...

And, sorry, no GIF icons. I'm not that fancy >w>

Oh, yeah... Christmas...

So, here's my obligatory "Oh mu goodness, it's Christmas Eve!" post.

And... In all honesty... I'm not that excited. Normally around this time I'm as excited as I could ever get, but this year I'm... Meh.

This could be for a few reasons. The first, and probably most effective, is that for the past couple of years December had not just Christmas, but a huge band trip tacked on, too (once to Chicago, once to L.A.) This year is a stark contrast because no, I don't get to be with my friends for almost a week straight partying in some strange and big city, and being with friends is probably the most fun I have.

As for extended family... Well, it's never been so good on that part. No one's really close to my age on my dad's side, so I end up being somewhat alienated by them. My mom's side... Well, I'm more closer to my aunts and uncles on that side than on my dad's, but we're still not too close. I end up being alienated by most of my cousins on that side, too, though there are a few a couple years younger than me who are willing to talk about the very little we have in common.

It's been worse this year because of another supposedly huge event that I'm not that excited for: My only brother's wedding. Everyone's excited, asking if I'm excited, talking about how much they love the bride, etc. Maybe I would be more excited, though, if my own brother hasn't alienated me himself so much, too. We used to be kinda close, but ever since he entered collage we barely say 500 words to each other a month, and usually it's him complaining about something I did or telling me to move because he and his fiancée are going to watch a movie. It's annoying because I barely know him anymore, and I still barely know his fiancée. Everyone's asking if I'm excited to finally get a sister (My brother's my only sibling), and I can't even give a truthful answer because I haven't formed an opinion on her yet.

As for gifts... I can't give my friends a whole lot because I'm broke, so instead of the excited smiles I got last year I just sort of got blank stares as I handed them the cheap $1 treat. As for getting... Normally I would be excited, because most of my presents are decided by my mother, and she knows me well in regards to what I want. But with remarks like "I didn't get you what you wanted, I got you what you needed" and "I so hope you're not disappointed by what you get", needless to say, my expectations have been lowered.

So, now that I've given you your obligatory-Christmas-Eve-post-turned-rant, what are you expecting to be under the Christmas tree for you this year?

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm going to be gone most of the day, so I'm posting this early and getting it out of the way. To all those in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! To those in Canada, Happy super-late Thanksgiving! To those elsewhere... Happy ordinary day!

SS Wishlist(s)

Well, there is some cases in which my wishes stay consistent throughout, but since my wishlist does vary from event to event, I will keep them separate.

Fan Art Wishlist
- One of my OC's, here or here (You can change their outfits, but keep their hair)
- L (Death Note)
- Yukio (Ao No Exorcist)
- Mal (Total Drama All-Stars)
- Tsukasa (.hack//SIGN)
- Randall (anime-style) (Monsters Inc./Monsters U)

Wallpaper Wishlist
- The Major, Alexander Anderson (Hellsing Ultimate)
- Yukio (Ao No Exorcist)
- Itachi (Naruto)
- Anything from Now and Then, Here and There (other than Hamdo or Abelia)

eCard Wishlist
- Anything from Free!
- L, Misa (Death Note)
- Kuro (Ao No Exorcist)
- Mokona, Zashikiwarashi, Maru and Moro (xxxHolic)

Icon Wishlist
(numbers in parenthesis are maximum desired for each character)

- Shin (2), Ikki (2), Kent (2), Ukyo (2) Amnesia
- Mello (1), L (1) Death Note
- Crona (5) Soul Eater
- Mal, (3) Total Drama All-Stars
- Itachi (1), Rock Lee (1) Naruto
- Makoto (1), Rin (1), Nagisa (1) Free!
- Yukio (3) Ao No Exorcist
- Watanuki (2), Doumeki (2) xxxHolic
- Yamazaki (2), Satou (1) Welcome to the NHK
- Alexander Anderson (2), The Major (1) Hellsing Ultimate
- Tsukasa (1) .hack//SIGN

When Best Friends Get Together....

This happens.