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Ask OC's

What? Am I actually doing this? Yeah, I am. It's the first time I've ever done it XD

So, basically, since I have most of my two rp char's bios up here, I want to see what questions you guys you might have for them (one or both). And later I'll post them in an interview-type thing. C:

Dieter + Lev Bios

Edit: So I'm officially done with it for now, though I may update it as the roleplay goes on. I've also already gone back and edited parts of it, so those who read the early versions might want to go back and speed-read again just to catch...

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Still Not Dead

Geez, I'm so much less active on here than I used to be. I still blame that on both work and on the roleplay me and my friend are having.

So, on the subject of work, I'm no longer working Arby's, instead I'm working at the campground at my local amusement park. It's so much nicer in many different ways, though it's still work and still makes me tired =.= and we can get some of the worst customers sometimes, so that's not fun, either.

And yeah, the roleplay is still fantastic. I'm surprised it's lasted this long. Then again, I'm not super surprised, considering we can cover so many different fronts with it (romantic, political, action, sometimes feel-good slice of life, even).

I still have a pretty huge backlog of wallpapers ;~; I still have about 10 made that I haven't posted yet. But they will be posted... eventually...

And I also plan on participating in Keba Si Rota's OP/ED Countdown Event. I'm super excited. It should be a lot of fun.

And lastly, I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but I updated my banner for this world. Instead of Space Dandy, now it's Gurren Lagann C: And I still really love it.



WARNING: Huge spoilers for Gurren Lagann, Ajin, and Deadman Wonderland.

Yeah, there are imperfections, but that just means I'm better equipped to make my second AMV a success. So, what do you guys think?

Where I've Been

Hey, I know it's been pretty much an age since I've posted anything. But I have some sorta good reasons for not being active as much. Some of them are:

Making an AMV (or two): I've already talked plenty about my AMV, and my first one's almost done (only 30 more seconds in the AMV to finish). In the meantime, I've started on my second, and I think it's going along fantastically. Making AMVs is fun, but it takes up a lot of the time that I would normally dedicate to something like making wallpapers, so my wallpaper making/posting has slowed down considerably. ^^'

Roleplaying: I've mentioned it a couple times, but lately I've been roleplaying with an old friend, and it's been great. He's the only one I ever really roleplay with, so it's really nice to have the chance to again with him. However, it does take up a lot of time, so that's another reason why I haven't been on as much.

Working: I got a job at a local Arby's, and while I've only worked one shift so far (on Saturday), I'll be working more regularly in the future, so that is a reason why I might not be on so much in the future.

So, those are some of the things that have been going on in my life, and why I haven't been on. But I have been reading your posts and keeping up to date, so don't worry about that ^^