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So, I'm here for an update, since I haven't given one in a month or so.

I'm going to start with what's been on my mind lately - boys. While I'm still into Ninja (I'll get to that later), there are two new guys. One I'm going to call Barry (no, that is not his name) and the other I'm not really going to say much about him other than that he exists simply for the reason that I don't think much will actually happen.

About Barry, well, Idunno. I met him pretty early in the school year (he's in the anime club presidency and comes regularly). He's interested in a lot of deep anime and controversial topics, but he handles them pretty well (as in, he never insists that he is right and such. He just gives his opinion and leaves it there, and can be open to new information or ideas and yadda yadda). He is a lot different than Ninja in interests (other than, you know, anime in general), but can be similar in personality. The thing is... okay, well, I don't actually know him all that well. The stuff I just told you is stuff I've gleaned from being with him in anime club and the few one-on-one conversations we've had. The other thing is that, well, he's six and a half years older than me, and I'm not sure whether I should make that a big deal or not. Either way, I do plan on asking him on a date in a couple weeks or so, so I'll see how that one goes down.

And despite my attraction to Barry increasing and attention to Ninja decreasing, my loyalty still lies with Ninja. The fact of the matter is that I hardly know Barry, while I know Ninja pretty dang well. I should clarify that I feel like I know Barry fairly well, but I know I need to get to know him better before I make any sort of accurate assessment. Hence the date plan.

On other stuff, things have been both good and bad. I've never really related to the phrase "living for the weekend" until I hit college. Nothing really exciting happens for most of the weekend, I just go to school, go home (to my apartment), watch anime, do homework/housework, and that's about it. However, once Thursday night hits (anime club), things really start picking up, and my weekends end up being pretty enjoyable, since I can really hang out with high school friends, college friends, family, or just get some time to myself. It's really nice.

And that's... mostly it for now. Oh! And I went to a couple conventions near me (well, one I just kinda hung around outside with college friends, since I didn't actually have a ticket). They were both pretty fun (though the one I had a ticket to was a lot more fun). But, yeah.

I think that's it. I'm going to go and... work on homework, or take a nap, or something.

A Wild Update Appeared!

Since it's been two months (down to the exact day) since I last updated y'all, it's about time I do it again, don't you think?

First off, I've mentioned this in the descriptions of some of my wallpapers, but the reason why I haven't been on here as much is college. I've been living away from home for the past month, and while I love my roommates, I'm not super close with them and I may never become good friends with them (despite the fact that they all seem to be good friends with each other).

That isn't to say I haven't made friends here. I've become decent friends with the anime club president, and I've made a few other friends from anime club and from my Japanese class.

As for my major, well, officially I'm declared as English, but after a bunch of thought, I've decided to double major in English and History. Sure, I might in college longer than most, but I feel like it's the right thing to do and that it's what will make me happy.

As for the friends back home, we're still pretty close, but a lot of us have already left on LDS missions and there are a couple that are still leaving in the next couple of months, and I know I'm going to miss them. Still, in the process of everyone leaving, I've become a lot more close to a guy friend (whom I'll just call J-Dog) than I ever thought I'd be. He's probably the closest thing I have to a best friend at the moment.

In regards to Ninja, despite not seeing him (other than emails) for almost three months, I'm still deeply attached and in love with him. It comes and goes, but he's certainly the guy I love the most still (the only other candidate being J-Dog).

In other news, I dyed my hair a dark red, and I love it ^^ and I'm going to a nearby convention next week, so that's going to be a ton of fun.

Lastly, I'd like to mention this song, as it illustrates a lot of what I've been feeling lately. I'm on my own now. It seems a lot more colder, but a lot more wider. By opening up my life for more risks, I'm opening it up for greater reward, and so far, it does seem to be paying off.

An Idea, and Two Questions (I Need Your Votes!)

So quite a while ago, I started a fanfiction called "Fangirl". I thought while there where flaws, some of the idea was pretty cool, so I've been thinking about starting up something similar. Well, after revamping almost everything, I've come up with something similar in that it will include a bunch of anime characters interacting within a completely different universe than the ones in which they were originally conceived. Here's the basic premise (may or may not be revised):

The year is 2418. Nezhyt was once a prosperous country, but has recently fallen into decline once again. In order to try and regain lost glory, the government has passed Order 714 - create a special force consisting of man-made humans, or Homunculi. However, as a soldier needs a soul, and as Homunculi do not have souls, it is ordered that they most be given the artificial personalities based on characters from an ancient media known as anime.

Okay, the first question is simple - if I were to write it, will you read it? As cool as an idea as it is, I might not write much if I didn't know that there was an audience.

The second question is this - who do you want to see in it? The characters that, without a doubt, will be included are:

  • Suga (Haikyuu!!) (Main Character)
  • Sebastian (Black Butler)
  • Mello (Death Note)

Please note that the choice of the other characters will ultimately be my choice, but your votes will be a major consideration in who I include. The characters that you can vote on (up to five times) are:

  • The Major (Hellsing Ultimate)
  • Shiroe (Log Horizon)
  • Kogame (Psycho-Pass)
  • England (Hetalia) - 1
  • Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)
  • Archer (Fate/Stay Night)
  • Gilgamesh (Fate/Zero)
  • Ukyo (Amnesia) - 1
  • Nagisa (Assassination Classroom)
  • Waver Velvet (Fate/Zero)
  • Makoto (Free!) - 1
  • Nagisa (Free!)
  • Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • The Count (Gankutsuou)
  • Shion (Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni)
  • Ai (Jigoku Shoujo)
  • Ginko (Mushishi)
  • Doll (Black Butler)
  • Obito (Naruto Shippuden) - 1
  • Shinji (Neon Genesis Evangelion) - 1
  • Yaichi (Saraiya Goyou)
  • Soul (Soul Eater)
  • Dandy (Space Dandy)
  • Okabe (Steins;Gate)
  • Kurisu (Steins;Gate)
  • Battler (Umineko no Naku Koro Ni)
  • Beatrice (Umineko no Naku Koro Ni)
  • Yuuko (xxxHolic) - 2
  • Watanuki (xxxHolic) - 1
  • Domeki (xxxHolic) - 1
  • Nine (Zankyou no Terror)
  • Wenge Kong (Ping Pong)
  • Yu (Persona 4)
  • Gieve (Arslan Senki)
  • Daryun (Arslan Senki)
  • Narsus (Arslan Senki)

Please, and thank you! ^^

DeviantART is Failing... in More Ways Than One

I've been on dA for five years, and while I'm not very active on it, I know some of you guys are, so I've decided to take this conversation over here to see what you guys (as well as those who aren't on dA) think.

So deviantART revamped basically everything that has to do with the premium membership, and made it a lot more expensive. Like I said, I'm not very active, so normally it wouldn't have bothered me. The issue is that the only reason I go there anymore is because there's a wonderful writer on there who takes commissions for Reader x Character fanfics, and I've had a wonderful time of commissioning her and reading her works.

Well, she's decided to boycott deviantART (meaning I won't be getting those Reader x Characters =-=) and linked to this petition.

The reason for the revamp (and the increase in price), according to other sources, it's because dA is going broke.

There are so many other factors going on, but I'm just going to ask for your opinions here. In my opinion, even if it's to keep the website afloat, it's a poor business choice overall.

What do you guys think?