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What's with Frank Sinatra today?

First off, I'm going to say that I'm going to try and do a weekly update on life. No specific day is set, just once a week.

Second off, I gotta say, I love Frank Sinatra, though he rarely comes into my daily life. Today, however, two classes played his music (Social Dance and Drawing). It made me happy, but still... what's with teachers and Frank Sinatra?

The test on the Foxtrot in Social Dance is on Monday... eesh. I'm not too scared, though, I picked a good guy to test with. I don't consider him very attractive, but he's very good at leading the foxtrot (benifits of marching band, maybe?), so I have little worry.

So, someone commented that my roleplay style is like a cheesy soap opera. ...I wouldn't disagree, I do add a bunch of pauses and cheesy dialogue. Probably comes from my early roleplay years, in which all I roleplayed was dramatic romances.

I've discovered that my artistic ability is above others in my class. It's not that I'm better at the drawing itself, I'm just better at creating a graidient. *shrugs* I guess all of that practice payed off, I never knew it'd be such an essential skill.

So, SOLO AND ENSEMBLE WAS TODAY. I thought of putting together a french horn quartet, but I never did. I did, however, do a solo. I did decently; it wasn't my best run, but it could have been a lot worse. My best friend did a solo, too. I'm crossing my fingers we'll both make it to region.

I'm on about episode 98 on my trek that is Naruto. I can look at that two ways: 1. I've completed less than half and it's almost been two months, you horrible, lazy slacker, or 2. You've completed the equivalent of four average-lengthed anime... impressive.

I've also been watching Psycho-Pass and Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo. Psycho-Pass has been pretty good, like a more refined, less artistic version of Ergo Proxy that asks a different psychological question. (Random note: speaking of psychology, am I the only one who thinks it's really weird learning about of your brain? All of a sudden you're aware of every breath you take, every twitch you make, every thought you have.)

As for the grant total of two episodes of Gankutsuou I've seen... holy cow. It's been doing a decent job of following the book (yes, I've read it... at least, most of it), but holy shiznits the visuals. Every time I have to double check someone hasn't slipped some sort of golden LSD in my drink. The visuals are amazing, colorful, and thematic, so good to the point of almost being bad.

Yeah, there's more stuff on my mind, but I'm currently too lazy to type it out. So, I'll see all y'all!

Ja ne!

Where I've been and ADS D:

First off, if any of you have been following me closely (Pff, does anyone do that, anyway? >.>) You'll know that my First Impressions and Reviews have been completely skiwompous, somtimes not even appearing at all. Why?

Two words: Marching band.

It takes up a lot of time, and by the time I'm done with both that and homework, I'm completely pooped.

So gomenesai, gomenesai, gomenesai ^^' but it'll probably stay that way until early November.

And. So theO has ads now.


They starting putting ads in both the normal website and on the worlds. .__. Guess not enough people have been getting Premium Accounts or something. I'm a little disappointed (no ads was one of the reasons I love this account), but .__. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. Eh, well.

At least it still has a pretty good design... ^^'