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AMV Feature 1

YES, I LOVE AMVs. Here are some of my favorites. You can pick and choose which ones to watch, or you can watch them all. ...or you can ignore them completely, I suppose...

Here's a good one I found today - .hack//SIGN - Tsukasa - Missing

And another good one with the song "Missing" by Evanesence - Coraline - Other Wybie - Missing

Coraline is an amazing movie, my favorite stopmotion movie. And with a good stopmotion, comes another great AMV - Coraline - Wybie - Invisible

Technically Coraline isn't anime, but neither is Invader Zim - Invader Zim - Dib - The Kill

Ah, ZaDr (Zim and Dib romance)... the first crack shounen ai relationship I ever fell in love with - Invader Zim - ZaDr - It Ends Tonight

Of course, sometimes shounen ai relationships are better portrayed in pictures - Invader Zim Fanart - ZaDr - Bring Me to Life

Either way, they won't be Scared as long as they have each other - Invader Zim - ZaDr - Scared

And we can't forget Jhonen Vasquez's other works - Johnny the Homicidal Maniac - Johnny - Last Words

And, to finish off - here's a Crona (Soul Eater) AMV dump -

Still Doll


My Immortal

Concrete Angel

Missing (You can tell I like this song)

And to top it all off, this one, oh my gosh, breaks my heart - Soul Eater - Crona - Quiet Like the Snow

I have plenty more, but I figured this is enough. This is only the first feature, I'll probably do more later. Thank you~

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