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I Will See You Again....

Ever heard of Carrie Underwood's See You Again? Well, as I listened, I started thinking of a few people...

There were some old friends whom I had been jerks too, despite me wanting to be close to. Eventually they just sorta... dropped me. At the time I shrugged off and moved on with life. But, if you don't know me, I really hate leaving friendships off on a sour note. Today I decided that enough was enough, and I messaged all of them on Facebook, asking for forgiveness and for a renewed frienship. (One has said yes, one hasn't given a clear response, and one hasn't responded yet at all). Even if the rest are nos, I can say I tried. And the one I gained back is enough to make me happy.

But the song also reminded me of someone else.

They had said he wasn't worth it, that he would best be avoided, if possible. But to me, seeing his picture up alongside with the greats, he wasn't that way. He had a passion for the stars, for every speck of light in the universe. He wasn't just a teacher, he was a friend, a friend who taught me to not take things seriously. To be filled with wonder at the world around you. To focus on the stars.

Four months after graduating his class, using a gun stuck against his temple, he flew over those stars. But I know...

I will see him again...

R.I.P. Mr. Domgaard.

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