you only want my body

you say you love me and i always say it back to you
but their came a time when u ask for my body
after i told u no and say u understand
but u dont ive told u that ur just with me for my body
n u say no i love u

then if u realy loved me you would ask for that
u would just love me for me
as many times u say it i start to dought u

i can fill pain in my heart and it grow more when you ask me that
i dont want to cry but my tears over come me and i start to loose it
i put a smile just to make you happy but deep inside me
i fill like dieing.......

love is what makes u or breaks u


i walk in this world but
i never find what i seek so
what am i searching for
that question is what is hunting me
in this world you are born to find that one thing that will make you
but for a soul like me i will never find it
evan if i try so hard.

my hate

why i cant explain it but my heart is in pain
i fill like im not inportant so curse you
my love fill like nothing if i cant hear your voice
my lovw is like shi i hate this filling
the hate
the pain
the saddness
i hate this so much but still
i cant be anger at you because
i love you to much and
i hate to be in so much pain my
dear boy stop me before
my hate gets out of hand
before i loses myself again

my love

bby i love you and when i talk to you my heart starts to flutter
bby i hope that you can hear my heart from afar
because that way you can know i love you so just come to me and you and i
will share a kiss.


lost but you still wait for me How can you when I did nothing but hurt you so please just stop with the waiting ...

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