Demon Hunter Rinoa Veil Chapters 7-8

Chapter 7: "Why did you run away?"

"Stop right there, Kyou Masashi!" A voice shouted. Rinoa, Aislin, and Kyou all turned around to see a strange person standing on a tall rock, his cape blowing ominously in the newly arising wind.

"You there, man! You are Kyou Masashi, correct?!" The stranger demanded.

Kyou stepped in front of the girls protectively, "Perhaps, and if I am?" He asked, his hand on the hilt of his sword.

"Then I shall capture you!" The man said, "For I am Cerebus Shobatsuchi, captain of the Empire's punishment squad. And your presence, Kyou Masashi, is demanded at the center of the Empire's Punishment Tower!"

Kyou pushed Rinoa and Aislin out of the way just as Cerebus flew down and slashed a sword at them. Kyou quickly drew out his and blocked it, then kicked the captain away sending him flying backwards.

"What do they want me for? To practice their experiments on?" Kyou questioned.

Cerebus stood up, not weakened or injured at all. "Such silly questions... I would have thought better of you, Masashi, if it weren't for your incredulous stupidity!" He exclaimed and slashed at Kyou again

"Why did you run away, Masashi? Was the discipline simply too much for your free spirited mind?" Cerebus asked as he slashed and hacked at Kyou.

"Silence! Do not speak of that to me! I am finished with it and their dirty work, so don't go telling me that it was too much!" Kyou countered and slashed at Cerebus, cutting into his shoulder. Blood squirted out, and Cerebus lost grip of his sword.

"Gaah!" Cerebus cried in pain, clutching his bleeding wound. "Why did you run away?" He asked, "We could have made you great, Masashi, greater than any captain or lord of this land! All would have bowed down to you and bask in your glory! Why did you run away?!"

Kyou turned his head away and closed his eyes. He could no longer look at the likes of Cerebus Shobatsuchi... No longer could he stand the fact that he had once worked for the Empire itself, but left it because he felt that it was wrong...

Chapter 8: "I promise..."

Kyou tightened the grip on his sword.

"Done, I am done with the Empire's work... I am only going back because I am helping someone, and if they try anything... it'll be the last thing they ever do." He threatened, holding the blade up to Cerebus's throat.

The captain gasped and glanced down at the blade, his reflection staring back at him with fear in his eyes. They stood there, solid as a rock for several minutes, standing there in tension. Then, Kyou sighed and withdrew his sword.

"I shall let you go and spare your life, but only if you promise... not to tell anyone that I'm coming. If you do, I'll come and find you... and you don't want to know what will happen when I do." Kyou warned, and Cerebus nodded.

"Yes, Kyou, Sir! Forgive me for how forward and blind I was to attack you! I am grateful for your mercy!" Cerebus said, and backed away.

But while he wasn't looking, Cerebus quickly drew back out his own sword and slashed at Kyou. Kyou dodged, but felt the cold blade slice through the skin on his face. "Aghh!" Kyou grunted, blood trickling down his chin.

"Kyou!" Rinoa shouted, pulling out her scythe. She charged at Cerebus, but Kyou stopped her. "No, you mustn't... we'll only get in more trouble than we need!" Kyou told her.

Cerebus then started laughing maniacally. "I can't believe you actually fell for it! And look, I cut your pathetic face!! How thrilling!" He remarked, smiling evilly.

"How dare you cut my Kyou-chan!!" Aislin cried, clutching onto Rinoa's hand, hiding behind her legs.

"Aislin..." Kyou muttered.

"Oh, you, little brat! You must know that your sister is doing fine, she is having the best treatment a peasant like yourself could ever receive!" Cerebus teased.

"Where is my sister?!" Aislin shouted.

"I can't tell you that. All I know is that she is with our leader, and there's no one who can save her!" Cerebus laughed sadistically, "As for you, Kyou, you will pay for your betrayal!"

And with that, the captain disappeared. Kyou put his sword back in its sheath and gave a heavy sigh. "I apologize for that... We should get going." Kyou said, turning around to see an angered Rinoa.

"Listen, you! We're in this together now! I don't want any arguments! And if they try to hurt you or Aislin again, they'll have to deal with me!" She vowed, pointed at herself with a determined look on her face.

Kyou's shoulders relaxed, and he smiled. "All right then, sounds good to me. I can't argue with that." He said.

"So... we're still going to save my sister?" Aislin asked timidly.

Kyou knelt down to be at eye level with her and put a gentle hand on her small shoulder, "Of course we will, Aislin. We'll save your sister, I promise." He said sincerely. Rinoa stared, her eyes softening as she smiled. The one thing she noticed about Kyou, is his sincerity... she found it comforting and gentle, something she was becoming fond of...

"And what about Akira?" Rinoa said, putting her hands on her hips. Kyou looked up at her and stood up. "We'll find him, too. I also promise that. I'm tired of the Empire doing as they please." Kyou promised.

Rinoa smiled even wider, and nodded. "Okay! Let's go then, shall we?" She said, and the group followed to the City once again.

"I promise, Rinoa... that I won't betray you..." Kyou whispered to himself, following the others closely behind, making a secret vow to Rinoa.