Calling Fate [poem]


Calling my name, you can call my name
Near or far, forget the distance, I can hear your call

If you call my name, I'll be there
In your heart
Not even the ripples of wandering fate can defy
The hope in your sparkling eye...


Calling onto fate, finding the lost souls
That were once together, now in harmony
But were one floating through sweat and turmoil...

The ripples of wandering fate may eventually reach us
But that doesn't mean
We will forget our strength
That we have when we're all together


All those souls out there, lost in fate
Calling, all the souls slashed by fate
Calling, all the souls that defy their fate

I speak to you now
Please hear my call
We're all calling out to the same thing...

May peace find our hearts
May fate be found
May life keep its harmony

May the ripples of fate never disturb
The hope in your sparkling eye
That not even fate

Can defy...