Midnight Blade Continuation 1.2

“How much farther is it, Ryuu-san?” Hayden complained, dragging behind with a bag of items and necessities for the trip.

The tall, unconcerned swordsman looked at the panting Hayden in the corner of his red eyes, a frown playing on his pale narrow face.

“Young master, we’ve only gone not even five miles from the Province. We’re trying to get to the shore, and from there we’re going to the Antennary Planes.” Ryuu answered in a low, very annoyed voice.

“But, it’s so hot! I think I see a bright light…” Hayden said, reaching out to nothing in the air dramatically.

I snickered, covering my lips with my hand.

“Miss Kara,” Ryuu called, making me jump.

“You must be serious about this, otherwise there’s no point. This is not an elementary school field trip.” He warned, closing his eyes in irritation.

“Of course, I’m sorry, please forgive me.” I said, bowing.

“Hehn,” Ryuu muttered and turned around so he couldn’t see me.

“So, what do you think of the guy?” Hayden whispered, making sure Ryuu was a couple feet ahead of them.

I smiled, looking at him. Ryuu’s bright-white hair blew gently in the lone wind, making him look peaceful and ominous at the same time.

“I don’t know yet… but he seems to be a nice guy.” I remarked, covering my mouth so he couldn’t hear me.

“Ah…” Hayden said, tapping his chin thoughtfully, “’A nice guy’, huh?”

I nodded. “Yes.”

“Well that’s interesting.” Hayden said, chuckling heartily.

Ryuu, who was listening the entire time, closed his red crimson eyes in deep thought.

“If I hadn’t thought you’d be able to do it, then I wouldn’t have hired you.”

Those were the words of Mayor Kane, of what he had told him the day before.

“Are you sure?” Is what Ryuu had asked.
“Of course I’m sure. Like I said, otherwise I would not have hired you.”

Ryuu opened his eyes, looking out onto the horizon.

‘Why me?’ He thought, ‘I’m not fit to help anyone… I cannot control myself properly…’