With Everything That's Been Done [poem]

With everything that's been done, so what if I become alone
It's not like I need all these people around
Even if none of my friends are near, I've learned to know
I've done so much for others, even if it doesn't resound

Even if someone can't see, all I've become
I know I've done things, even if I haven't won
Even if in the long-run, it might not be abundant
But I have helped others, from letting them, too, become undone

Although in the end, it might be my own demise
I’ve avoided all the spies, from showing my true disguise
I’ve never let others see the real me
So they wouldn’t ask what was wrong, wouldn’t see

Maybe it was my own punishment, or my own therapy
Maybe it was to help myself feel better, to hide the real me
I didn’t want it to seem like nothing was right
I didn’t want others to know that I had any plights

So I think now I'll pretend to be more positive, in something negative
There won’t ever be a “good” time, I believe
To reveal all I’ve concealed
It’s too much to bear, too much to conceive

No one will know this truth of which I’ve decided to hide
My dreams, myself, I will now only abide
I will walk with my head held high, my eyes open wide
Even without someone by my side, hey, at least I've tried

I know I’ve come so far
When all this time, I've been so lost, counting on a star
That wasn’t even there, in the sky
Which deceived us all, with its impending lie

Despite everything that’s happened
I know it’s no one else I need to depend
All this sorrow has caused the pain to deepen
But it won’t consume me, my heart will always remain open