PGR Secret Santa Wishlist!

Here's what I'd like from my secret santa this year!


Okay, now I'm going to do what I did the past two years! I LOVE GETTING MAIL. So please, my number one request for this is if you'd draw something on an index card and then mail it to me!! Just message Afton (team plasma n) for my address. :>

If you really have an aversion to sending out snail mail... then you can put some artwork up on this website. But I'd reaaaaally love mail <3

*Nyarth in a new winter sweater and khakis! Preferably one of those patterned or ugly reindeer/polarbear/christmas tree sweaters! Make him look cute <3 Make sure that he doesn't look too young, also! He's 16 1/2, so he's not a little kid anymore :>

*Nyarth building a snowman, in any winter outfit you wanna draw!

Wallpapers: (In order of importance)

*Meowths and Persians
*Animal Crossing
*Adventure Time
*Regular Show