Welcome to the OP/ED Musical Countdown! In this event, we'll be counting down our favorite openings and endings to anime.

Sign-ups will go until July 10. On July 11 through 15, you will be posting your countdowns.

The following links will be of use to you:
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I look forward to see what you come up with. Maybe you'll turn me on to some new series.

Judai's TOP 10 ANIME Ops + Ends [2016] :3 [FINAL]

I am ...

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KyraChan's Top 70 Countdown 2

Geez, I meant to post the introduction yesterday, but work and general laziness got in the way ;A; Well, at least I'm doing it now. I tell ya guys... making an accurate top 70 OP/ED's is practically impossible. Not only do you shift things ...

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XxArrancarFanxX's Top 50 Countdown

Hello everyone! :D I'm doing a top 50 (with much more openings than endings) so I will be posting 10 per day! I haven't seen all the anime on this list but I'm only judging on the openings and endings, not the actual anime. Also, if...

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Kita Mikichi's Top 40 OP/ED Countdown

Welcome to my first official top Countdown! I missed signups last year, but did an honorary list in my "Musical Gems" world. If you saw that list, you will see repeaters in the Top Ten. But you will see lots of new ones, too! Hope ...

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TMK: Top 20 Openings and Endings!

This year I decided to join this Music Countdown because I thought it would be fun and nice to share some anime openings and ending that I really enjoyed. I also think it will be nice to give some insight on what I watch. I will try my best to po...

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