The thing that tried to eat me!

chapter1 EPISODE 1: When Bob was in bed he was hearing things in his closet.When he checked his closet there was nothin there.He got back in bed and he heard the noise again.Then Bob checked his closet again but nothing was there.Then he checked under his bed but nothing was there either.He got back in bed and he heard the noise again.When he got out of my bed and he ran out of his room and he was yelling " A MONSTER IS IN MY ROOM".Then when his dad came out of his room with his shot gun and then he checked everywhere and he said "There is no god dang monster in here Bob".
The next day they where fixin to eat breckfest until they heard banging on the floor in the livin room.Then dad said " Did ya'll hear that?".Then everybody at the table said "no"."It was probably my imagination,"said dad.After breckfest the kids went off to school.Bob was in the 2nd grade.Brandon was in 6th grade.And London was in college.But mom and dad was happy for London for being in college.When mom and dad was at home alone.After 10 minutes they both heard stomping in Bob's room.Then mom and dad went upstairs they checked in Bob's room.They went in and they looked everywhere but they didn't see no monster in Bob's room.They went downstairs and they went and sat on the couch because they were really scared.when the kids came home they saw mom and dad scared.They said "What's wrong"?Then mom and dad said nothin to them. TO BE CONTINUED
chapter2 EPISODE 2: When the kids asked the question again mom and dad said that they heard a monster stomping in Bob's room.Bob said "I told you that their was a monster in my room".Mom and dad yelled "IF YOU SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME WE WOULD SMACK YOU".Then Bob started to cry because mom and dad yelled at him.Mom and dad said that they were sorry.Bob stop for a while.After 12 minutes of watching tv they went to the table to wait for their food to get done.When they got their food they started to pray for their great food that they are about to eat.When they got done eating they went to bed.When London was in her room she heard stomping in Bob's room.London got scared but not that much.
When London went to sleep she heard the noise again and that woke her up.She got up and went in Bob's room to see what it was and it was the monster.London ran out of bob's room and said "MONSTER".
Then she went to go sleep with bob downstairs.Bob said "Scared too"?London said that she was scared.When Bob and London went to sleep.Bob was dreaming about nascar and London was dreaming about money and Brandon was dreaming about getting to ride a t-rex.The next morning they all woke up and went in the kitchen and fixed them a bowl of cereal.when the kids got ready and ate their breackfest they went to school and mom and dad went to the bar after the kids went to school.When the next door neighbors called the mom and dad they picked up the next door neighbors said that someone broke in to their house.Mom and dad drove home and they saw the burgaler run out of their house and then they cased after the bugaler and took him to jail bucause mom was a police.
chapter3 EPISODE 3: When they got the burgaler to the police station they put the burgaler in prison and they took the bag back from the burgaler that stole things out of their house.When the kids got back home from school they seen that the house was a mess.Then when mom and dad came home Bob said "What happened here"?Mom and dad said that there was a bugaler in our house.The kids was scared alittle because they thought that the bergaler would come back and steel from them again.Bob asked if the burgaler would come back.Mom and dad said that the bugaler would not come and then when they were talking they all heard stomping in Bandon's room.They went to Brandon's room.When they went in Brandon's room and then they saw the monster and so they got the broom and the monster started to chase Bob because Bob looked juicy to the monster.
9 hours later Bob got aten and his family was crying because they loved Bob very much and he was special.When dad got the shot gun and then the monster ate mom and Brandon but not dad and London because they were scared of the monster more then mom,Bob,and Brandon dut London was crying with dad because they missed mom,Bob,and Brandon.Then London and dad moved to a better house in a better in abetter neiborhood with great people in the neiborhood and the people were nice to them and they loved the house.but they still miss mom,bob,and branden.they can't stop thinking abouy them. TO BE CONTINUED.
chapter4 episode4:Dad turned 34 last night.London was turned 21 today.Dad gave her cake to her then he got her a car and the car was a lamborgini.She was so happy that she cried.She hugged her dad and she said to her dad "Thank you so much."Her dad said to her "Your welcome."Two hours later they heard a big crash in their back yard.When they went and looked in their backyard they saw a spaceship sitting there.When they looked a little closer they saw Bob,Branden,and mom.London and dad were shocked.Mom,Branden,and Bob were crying because they were hppy to see them.Tey got out of the ship and they all started to hug eac other.
The next day later theymoved to one more time and that was all.When they saw a cat in a tree Bob climed it and got the cat out of the tree.He asked his mom if he could keep the cat.His mom said "Yes but you have to feed it, give the cat water, and you have to let it use the bathroom outside.""That is alot" said Bob."Actually let me take care of the cat because last time you had a pet you killed it so you don't need a pet"mom said."That was 2 years ago" said Bob."Still you don't need a pet" mom said
chapter 5 episode 5:"That ain't fair." Bob said."What ain't fair?" Brandon said."Mom won't let me take care of a cat that I got out of a tree" explaind Bob."Get over it" said Brandon."Why should I?" asked Bob. When mom said that i could have a animal that I found a animal and she said i could. The next day when I came back home my pet was gone because mom got rid of it."Mom did you see my pet" Brandon said."The owner of the cat came for him" mom said. "How could you" Branden said "he was my best friend." "I'm sorry but any animal that you or someone else finds they have to go back to the owner , that where they belong" mom said."Thanks alot mom. now how will i make friends now? the only friend i had wasthe cat.that's why I don't want to be a police oficer," Bob said."why will you not make new friends?," mom questioned."Because people hate me," Bob answered.
"No one hates you," mom said."When I go to my locker no one talks to me,but they only pic on me and that's the only thing they do to me," Bob said.
"Why won't you tell a teacher that the people in your class is being mean to you," mom said."I'll try," Bob said."Ok," mom said.Bob had a tear running down his face because he didn't say goodbye to his freind.Bob went to his room and looked at the picture of him and the cat he found.He started to cry because he misses his cat.Mom went to the pound to see if she could get a cat for Bob.She's looking around and she found the perfect cat for him.She adopted the cat and she was 3 miles away from the house.She called dad and she told him the she has a present for him.TO BE CONTINUED.
chapter6 episode6:After 3 miles mom got home and when she went in she called Bob to come here.Bob came and he said "Yeah mom what do you need?,"."I got you something," mom said. "What is it!?," Bob said excitedly.Mom showed him what it was and then he screamed because always wanted a cat that was black and white."I'll call you Black Jack," Bob said.The cat liked that name.When they all ate dinner even the cat, they went to bed.At the end of Bob's bed was Black Jack.On July 26th it was Black Jack's birthbay.Bob made black Jack a cat toy.Black Jack is 1 years old. So they celebrated Black Jack's birthday. For his birthday cake it was soft cat food. Black Jack loved eating soft cat food to eat.
After Black Jack's birthday they took him to the vet to take his shots.When Black Jack took his shots the vet said that they need to keep Black Jack active so he wont get sick.When Bobsaw a mouse he told Black J ack where the mouse was and then when the mouse ran Black Jack started to chase after the mouse.When Black Jack finally cought the mouse he got the mouse in his mouth and hid so he could eat it. After he ate it he went back to bob Black Jack started to talk. Bob could not belive his eyes.Bob went to the bathroom and splatterd water all over his face and asked Black Jack to talk and he said "why?"."You really can talk.Oh my god.Oh my god." said Bob."Yea yea, but don't tell anyone, ok" said Black Jack."ok," said bob.
chapter7:episode7:When Bob herd Black Jack talk he was scared and surprised.So Bob and BlackJack started to have a conversation for hours.Every time someone walks by Black Jack would start meowing.They would tell jokes to each other and they would play games with each so they would entertain theirselves.When mom said that dinner was ready they ran to get their food.They were happy that dinner was ready because they were really hungry.They took their food and Bob took Black Jack's food too.
they lived happily ever after.
Written by Beianna Leigh Case/aquagoesbananas.