Welcome to my third world of none other than....Pokemon! :D I will be posting pictures, updates on Pokemon stuffers and my favorite game as of right now: Pokemon Black :3 Enjoy~ ^^

Pokemon x and y...and 3DS XL

:DDDDDDDDDDDD I am uber excited for this shit. *dies* I love everything they had brought into the new generation..no matter what anybody says..I love it. :> And just last weekend, I got this bad boy~~ External Image It's my precious.

Pokemon X...you are going to be mine. >) 3 days until I get it~

Blingee 83

My first Blingee 8D I think it turned out ok.:3 What do you all think?

Clicky here~

Oh and Happy St. Patty's day :3

Sparklyyyyy *w*

I found these to be cool and I might use one of them as my bg for this world >w> But which one should I use?owo ...

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Framed Flareon

; w ; nastolgia...I remember BK having these plastic things that I used to collect. And what coincidence to find Flareon.=w=; lol

External Image

And the reason I said "Framed Flareon" as the title is because it's a rectangular shape which is like a frame.lol I dunno.x3

I struck gold 8D

Juuuuust kidding.lol Although I do have a 23 karat gold pokemon card intact in a pokeball.83

Seen here:

External Image

(Not a picture of mine)

And my dad has this one:

External Image

(Not a picture of my dad's either)

Can you believe it's been that long? 1999-2012. Freakin' 13 years.=w= Oh how time flies.lol