i don't have a lot of time to make a really long post or anything, which as im sure you all know i have a notorious habit of doing so. it's just plain ridiculous. but i have lots of crap to do and not enough time. i have a slavery essay, a scrapbook, a science project, a huge book to read and report on the book due pretty much all on monday and im gonna snap under this pressure and lose all traces of my sanity any second now...

and one quick thing: i don't post anything on this site because im still sticking with myotaku. so for all of you who were wondering, that's why. if you want to check out my posts, go to myotaku site not here. im more comfortable with that layout and stuff and im not gonna bother to come here except to reply to private messages and check out fanart and whatnot. other than that, i won't bother at all. i really want somebody to check out myotaku. the theme is vincent valentine and i really like it. i have at least 5 good vids you can watch. the first 3 are vincent valentine, and there are 2 more in a previous post which i thought were good. plz check it out if you feel so inclined. gotta go now.


some random stuff

i don't know about you guys, but i don't really like version vibrant all that much... i think the old version was better but maybe that's just me. anyways, i was really bored and i was trying to find something on black blood brothers cuz i just watched the first episode last night or something and im hooked on it already. but instead i found this vid of a variety of things with a totally awesome song to go with it. XD