Scourge of Galactic

Summery: The direct sequel to Trial of the Phoenix. One year after the events that led to Ash capturing Ho-Oh, Ash and Misty travel to the Sinnoh Region. Things start out like any normal Pokemon journey, but soon Ash and Misty become involved in a plot that may destroy the world. Character death in a later chapter.

Introduction: After Trial of the Phoenix I ended up doing the story of my OC, Noir Mask, along with a Pokemon horror story that I can't post here due to it being not quite PG-13, to put it mildly. But now I'm more or less picking up where I left off. First thing I should mention is that I've skipped the Hoenn Saga completely, partly because I ended up moving the stuff concerning Team Aqua and Team Magma further down the timeline of the AU. I did have an idea for a story I was going to do, but I didn't like where it was going so I dropped it. I may do a Hoenn Saga story later on, but for now I'm moving on with my original plan for this AU.

The other thing I should mention that is that this story will focus mainly on the encounters with Team Galactic, which will be a blend of those in the anime and the games, with my own personal twist of course. So I won't be focusing on the gym battles very much. I may show parts of a few, but they aren't important to this story. That pretty much covers it I think. Enjoy the story.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Pokemon. If I did, Ash wouldn't have started going through female traveling companions like Doctor Who.