Hi. I'm Puffy
I started studying drawing techniques on Drawspace recently
And I decided to put some of the practice results here.
In this world all about drawing!
So I can keep myself motivated to keep drawing instead of being lazy haha.
And at the end of all the free lessons (there are some paid ones too but I'm poor) I will look at all my work and see how far I progressed.

And if drawing is your thing too, we can learn and grow as artists together ^O^

Digital drawing in class

I was taking notes in Journal Writer and this happened.

Drawing During Class 3

Doodling in class.

Drawing During Class, Again!

So this time I decorated my power-point slide with a bloody theme. Since The Vampire Diaries is coming back soon so I was like why not.

I blurred out the text, but in case you're curious, it's about acid and base reactions.

Drawing during class

I've been busy with college, so I haven't been drawing a lot.
But I got so bored during class that I decorated each slide on the power point with a tiny drawing. I cropped all the drawing to paint and made this collage.

this is done with a bamboo tablet. Using the drawing tools on the power point, I colored most of the drawings with the highlighter tool to be fast.
I just realized they are all nature related except the monster face.
Oh, and the butterfly was a molecule, but I thought "hmm, this look like a butterfly" so I added the butterfly body and the flower. :D

Drawing with Shapes

I've gotten a little busy with studying for my driver's written test but now I am back to practicing my drawing skills with this assignment of identifying positive and negative space. So I'm supposed to find a object with a simple shape and draw by marking out the negative space.
Here is my work:

In my drawing of this plastic water bottle, I started out by outlining the first layer of negative space that is the layer farthest from me which is the background behind the table. And that part was easy. Then when it comes to the bottle i think because the bottle and the edge of the drawing space is not that close I kind of just ignored the whole negative space thing (which is looking at the space around the bottle) and just drew the bottle by looking at the positive space (which is the bottle).