Welcome to the Puzzle Room, a world for fans of all things Yu-Gi-Oh!

This is a world where I’ll be posting various things about the Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise. But unlike my previous Yu-Gi-Oh themed worlds, this world is going to include more than just posts about the card game. Because as I realized not long ago, what makes a Yu-Gi-Oh series isn’t just the card game, it’s its cast of characters. So in addition to posts about the card game, I’ll also talk about some of the characters in each series, perhaps favorite episode from the anime, and probably much more.

About Me

I’ve been a fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise since almost the beginning. I wasn’t really into it at first, but after I had seen more of the original anime and got my first Starter Deck it became a favorite series of mine. Though I don’t think I really got into Yu-Gi-Oh! until I read the very first volume of the original manga. Since that time I’ve stuck with the franchise all the way through 5D’s. And in that time I got my hands on all of the original manga series and amassed a large collection of cards. Plus I’ve built several decks over the years.

Guest Posters

Sort of like with Pokemon, my interest in Yu-Gi-Oh wanes every now and then. So to keep this world from dying like my last two Yu-Gi-Oh themed worlds, I’ve decided to open this world up to guest posters, thus allowing other Yu-Gi-Oh fans here on TheO to post things here. So like me you could post things about your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh characters or episodes, or talk about the card game. But there are many other options too.

  • If you are a player of the card game and are currently working on your deck, you can post a log to document the deck’s creation. This could be a good way to get tips on how to make the deck better or simply just show off your victories.
  • If you have any Yu-Gi-Oh fanfics you want to share here on TheO, this world could be a good place to post them. Or you could simply post the profiles of any Yu-Gi-Oh OCs you might have.
  • Maybe you have some big Yu-Gi-Oh related art project you want to share (like a drawing or a wallpaper). You could use this world to chronicle its creation.

You could do all that and much, much more. As long as it has to do with Yu-Gi-Oh, the sky’s the limit. So if you’re interested in becoming a guest poster, or maybe just have a few questions, please contact me via comment or PM and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Current Guest Posters

Judai Winchester * Kumori5 * Phantom of Neph

Astronomy: GX Style

The Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga will never live up to its original anime counterpart. For one thing, Jaden didn’t get the same level of character development in the manga as he did in the anime. Plus the manga was missing awesome characters such as...

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Coming to ARC-V

This is something I've been meaning to post about for the last couple of days. Those of you reading who've been watching Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V are probably aware that the show's second season has featured alternate versions of Jack Atlas and Crow Hogan...

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Google Your Deck Type

Hi everyone. I don't I don't do too many posts for this world these days, but for the past couple of months I've been meaning to share something I've discovered that help with building or improving a deck. I've never really known how many people here on TheO actually play the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game, but for those who do I've found that using Google to look up the type of deck you use or want to use can be a great help. For instance last month I Googled the Speedroid archetype used by Yugo in ARC-V just to see what would come up, and I ended up finding a number of good deck lists and even a few informative YouTube videos. Now I'm not saying that anyone reading should just copy those decks card for card, but those lists and videos do give the general idea of the cards most people use in those decks. In other words, those videos and deck lists can be a good starting point for trying to build a deck of a particular archetype.

Just thought I should share that little tip with anyone who might be interested. Until next time.

Legend of the Dark Master

In this special edition of my Card Tales and Mysteries series, I’m going to cover a pair of cards that have a strong connection to the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. And I feel like it’s a story that in this day and age of the franchise ha...

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The New Kuriboh Variants

I've been meaning to do this for the last couple days. For those who care to know, there are going to be two new additions to the Kuriboh family coming out in Japan. One is part of the Dimension of Chaos booster set being released in Japan this ...

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