Deck Videos: Ancient Gear

With me trying to develop an ARC-V fanfic based on the Fusion Dimension recently, I can't help but think about the decks used by the characters from that dimension. One of the deck types that quickly comes to mind is those of the Ancient Gear archetype, one of the most prolific deck types in all of ARC-V. Actually, the Ancient Gear monsters were kind of an old favorite of mine, since I've always been partial to Machine monsters (robots were my first love). But then the archetype ended up getting corrupted in ARC-V by the soldiers of Duel Academia, specifically the Obelisk Force and Yuri. Still, with me working on this fanfic, I've been wondering if perhaps I shouldn't explore putting together my own Ancient Gear deck for research purposes. To that end, I've decided to look up some videos on the subject to see what might be involved.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

There are other videos that came up during my search, but I think we all pretty much get the idea from these three. It's interesting to note that none of the three decks we saw played any copies of Polymerization, but I suppose that card is pretty unnecessary thanks to Ancient Gear Hunting Hound and Ancient Gear Fusion. And now to close the post, here's a random image of GX's Alexis Rhodes dressed as a female Obelisk Force soldier, which I kind of wish actually happened in ARC-V.