im in the newspaper..

i used to be very snob and strict.. did i mention i was the s3 discipline officer back in my high school days..? there's a cadette training in my highschool way back in the philippines and im responsible for giving punishments.. so u can say my schoolmates and batchmates are scared of me especially when i smile coz they wont know the meaning behind it.. *smirk*

"drop! give me 1 gig!" (1 gig means 50 push ups..) the harshest punishment i gave was 2 gigs of push ups and 1 gig sit ups to a certain person.. lol... XD now that i think about it, i think i really acted like an anime character back then haha.... aaah... i miss those days.. >v<

anyways.... when im busy, dont bother me.. unless it's emergency is a snob act.. nevertheless, i caught a journalist's eye and he featured me in the city newspaper~

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it was an honor to be featured in the city's newspaper.. i just didnt find any article about the convention.. >x< i wish they included my website there but i guess that'd make as an ad instead.. but my name was there so im really satisfied for this first time happening.. heheh.... @v@

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