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Top 10 Worst Female Anime Characters

Okay, I don't remember if I ever did this kind of list but it's been long over due, so time for worst female anime characters, yes there is a male characters list it's just ten times longer and harder to shorten into a top ten.

Dishonourable Mentions
Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill La Kill
It bothers me that she believes that the plot is entirely her convoluted idea to overthrow her mother using her sister which derails a good anime because she constantly implies that every twist is something she predicted but avoids the list due to at least being entertaining.

Tatsumaki from One Punch Man
She's irritating but at least at some point Saitama will likely put her in her place.

10. Zazie Rainyday from Negima
She did absolutely nothing for 90% of the franchise and when she does do something it's not clear that it's even her, she speaks less lines than a monster of the week on Sailor Moon and finally, her role could've been done by a better character. What a waste.

9. Reccoa Londe from Zeta Gundam
She joined the Titans by choice, who does that? Then she gassed and killed an entire colony. Then she dies blaming men for her bad choices. You are making worst Gundam characters look noble.

8. Yasuna Oribe from Kill Me Baby
She's that irritating friend who keeps annoying you to the point of snapping, the only reason she's not higher is because she gets what she deserves whenever her friend Sonya does snap.

7. Charlotte LinLin from One Piece
Big Mom is a terrible villain, in a series where the biggest villains can change the world in one battle, Big Mom is just a glorified psychopath with practically no respect for her ridiculous family and were supposed to judge her on the same level as Whitebeard.

6. Louise from Familiar of Zero
Worst tsundere ever, it's bad enough she smacks around Saito for the littlest hiccup but justifies it by using her nobility status saying that Saito is less than human to her, the only reason she's not higher is because Saito is dumb enough to still fall for her.

5. Kaede Sakura from Kampfer
She drove the entire plot of Kampfer by turning Natsuru into a girl, yet thinks boy Natsuru loves girl Natsuru. Lets not forget her horrible taste in stuffed animals and the fact that her villain reveal just destroys any dignity the show had.

4. Ringo Oginome from Mawara Penguindrum
Falls in love with her older sister's former lover who is also her teacher in an insane plot that thinks that by doing this her family will come back together going as far as drugging and attempting to rape him and all she can say is crap about Destiny!

3. Malty Melromarc from Rising of the Shield Hero
My inspiration for this list, in the first episode she robs the main character of everything and gets him falsely accused of rape and still spends more of the series continuously tormenting him and yet this is considered a point of controversy in the anime community because of the whole funimation case. Saying that her comeuppance is so satisfying, spoilers she gets stripped of her name and title for her crimes and gets renamed Bitch.

2. Akito Sohma from Fruits Basket
Yes she counts despite the first anime ending before the reveal of this fact. I get that Mental Health is a complex emotion that can hurt people unintentionally but Akito's is so extreme that the line between unintentional and outright bitch gets crossed, the other characters did nothing to warrant her aggression, it made that part of the manga really hard to read, worst thing about it is some fans actually like her. Why?
The anime doesn't do her any favours as there is no talk of her backstory so she just comes off as a villain without a cause, which is even worst.

1. Ume Shiraume from Ben-To
But this is by far the worst female character ever. She beats up main character Sato for no reason not even for comedy, she abducts other women to be her dress up doll and play thing and the anime gives her a full episode that is 50 Shades uncomfortable where she seduces comedy relief Hana Oshiroi against her will in the most cringy yuri scene in anime history. I had a hard time returning to ecchi anime after this. Worst thing about it, she gets away with it; everyone else at least gets punished.

Ellcia Review

Oh boy I can certainly pick them.

The Sacred Book of the land of Eija has been rediscovered and with it the legends of a mysterious and all powerful ship called Ellcia. The Kingdom of Megaronia has set forth on a quest to recover the ship and its ultimate weaponry. All that stands between the Kingdom and total domination of the world is a small group of pirates led by a girl unaware of her destiny as the chosen one.
I have a friend that makes fun of anime by sprouting a story similar to this all with random foreign words that sound like all the terms and places mentioned in this very title all spoken in the most terrible of dub voices. I really don't care for this anime at all, in fact this would be the worst anime to show to a newbie, it's colour palette is horrible, the characters scream all the time and the dub is easily ADVs worst.
A better story is hidden within and a couple of standout characters prevents it from being a write off but ADV wasted money on this.
Final Verdict: It's not even so bad it's good, it's just boring bad, I'll likely forget this after today.

Night Warriors Darkstalkers Revenge Review

So my look through bad anime continues with Darkstalkers.

The anime starts with a war between the families of Morrigan and Demitri but Huitzil interrupt the battle as Pyron the fiery deity of space starts destroying the Darkstalkers in order to destroy the Earth.
Meanwhile on his own mission, Donovan Bane is on a journey of trying to rid himself of the darkness with Hsien-Ko and her sister following, some of the other Darkstalkers appear and just leads up to Pyron vs Donovan.
It's been many years since I watched this and I was only reminded of it recently and I remembered why I forgot it.
It's dull, depressing and drags it's sorry ass between shoe horning characters that don't do nothing for the plot to Donovan spewing out his emo nonsense, it shouldn't be that difficult to mess up a fighting game title but my god, if not for the fight scenes being good this would be unsalvageable.
Dub is fine, nothing to comment on that.
Final Verdict: this anime made a fighting game boring, one made by Capcom that shouldn't be boring but it did and that's probably why it hasn't come back as a franchise.

Battle Skipper Review

Continuing where I left off yesterday we come to Battle Skipper.

At St Ignacio school for girls there are only two clubs worth joining and they are the Debutante Club and the Etiquette Club.
The Debutante Club president Sayaka has grand ambitions of seeing women takeover the world and needs the mecha AI the Battle Skipper robots use, while the Etiquette club have possession of the Battle Skippers and use them to stop crime as the Exstars, so basically a personal fight between clubs run by two heirs to the same family, well one sided as Reika is way more disciplined.
Well this isn't actually that bad, the setup surprisingly works and they avoid cheap fanservice, sadly I can't say the same about the motivations of the villain.
Her motives are admirable but make her out as a hypocrite, her financial and political weight is backed by her father, she makes her man servant do all her dirty work while not lifting a finger and she calls herself and her club Debutantes yet in it's default definition, it is a rich girl's coming of age ceremony by being presented to high society as an eligible maiden for marriage, emphasized by a white ball gown resembling a wedding dress.
So her entire ambition is left in shattered pieces and getting such an AI along with mechs just makes her out as a dictator ready to awaken.
This ultimately makes the Etiquette Club look so much better morally if not by it's members openly preferring the Etiquette Club but by it's effort to make women strong in all aspects, rather than "I have money and contacts"
The dub is poor, which makes the already 2D characters look even flatter which doesn't help.
Final Verdict: It's cheesy enough to work but a poor villain really brings this series down, the man servant proved more confident and would've made a better main villain. I also didn't really find the other characters that memorable bar the man servant and the Kansai speaking AI.

Arcade Gamer Fubuki Review

I seem to find a lot of dollar store anime around, so let's do another one.

Fubuki is a gamer and with the mighty power of her panties, she has the power to beat any game. But the evils of the Gulasic Group want to eradicate all technology, can Fubuki with support from her friends, the mysterious Mr Mystery and her power panties save the day?
You know if I had any kind of approval rating it would be dead right now.
Saying that, this anime has some noticeable credits, the character designer of Sgt Frog, sponsorship from Sega and is a spiritual sequel to famous 80s manga Game Center Arashi, yet I cannot really watch this with a shred of dignity, a teenage girl has ultimate game powers from her panties, Japan, why?
Dub is fine, the premise while ridiculous does have a heartfelt message and didn't end up being as predictable as I first thought but still, you cannot unsee this.
You know if Segata Sanshiro was the final boss I'd be speaking a different review right now. Shame on you Sega for missing an open goal.
Final Verdict: It at least passes the test for a crappy anime night but you'll lose alot of dignity watching this.