Okay. The idea I got for Samuel's name came from my CROAGUNK I have in Pokemon Y. Now, this is pretty difficult, because I plan on making the croagunk into a gijinka form someday. And he came first, before my Skrelp. So I'm changing Samuel the Skrelp's name a bit.

It won't be too bad though... because it still has 'sam' in it, so his nickname will still be Sam.

"Samudra" means "king of the ocean" in Hindu, and since Skrelp live in water... you know. So, I'm picking that name instead.

Carry on!

Samudra's Profile

Name: Samudra (rarely called that) Pokemon: Skrelp (which is modeled after a Weedy Sea Dragon HAHAHAHA) National #: 690 Title: Mock Kelp Pokemon Type of Pokemon: water/poison Nicknames: Sam, Sammy, Samster, Sam-I-Am, ...

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