It's "modern" day in Hyrule. New races have moved in and all seems right with the world. HA! That's a good one. There was peace in the land till a group decided to cause trouble and set out to send the land into darkness and bring back Ganondorf, or is he already among the group? Will another group rise to take down this rising threat?

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Chapter 4: Some Honey Would Be Nice!

❦Odell❦ So, he somehow makes those things out of yarn and makes that bull ox-goat thing, whatever it is. But he doesn’t know how he does it. Well, he knows how he makes them obviously, but he doesn’t know how they start ...

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Chapter 3: A Reputation For Nice.... Windows?

A loud noise, more like an abrupt thud, on the wagon's roof snatched Rehi's attention. That noise was much to big to be a bird's landing to perch and struck him as incredibly usual since it was enough to rattled his belongings. He was inside to c...

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Chapter 2: Ceremonial Dance for the IS THAT A BULL MADE OUT OF YARN?!

❦Odell❦ “Time and Time again, how many times must we go over this Odell?” Mother lectured me as I sat on my knees on the floor in front of her. “But mother, I’ve also told you that I would much rather wear...

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Chapter 1: With A Bounty of Yarn and Honey

Rehi ♦ Early to rise. A certain blue-haired hylian merchant would dare to call himself "seasoned" in the face of preparation to make a day's wage; as his arrival, rather return, to Castle Town fell...

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The land of Hyrule is always expanding, allowing new races to settle in and join the land. Over 500 years have passed since Ganondorf spread darkness throughout the land. The hero of time and princess were able to put an end to his evil reign. Two...

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