"Whither goest thou?"

Name(s): Sen, Solo, Zephyr

Birthday: December 15

Age: 18

Gender: FTM

Likes: Hermeticism, coding, cats, RPGS (Fire Emblem, RotMG, DQIX, etc.) puns, Canada, long coats/cloaks/robes

Dislikes: spiders, the world's evils, large crowds of people, clowns/jesters/puppets, spice, loud music


Yeah it's been a while, I haven't found much time to make a post recently. My parents have been pondering moving recently, this will be my 17th move I believe... But for once I'm not too sad about it, I don't have anything to lose anyway. Be...

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I had Burger King for breakfast the other day, but it wasn't the best meal I ever had. The fries were cold, the coffee sucked, and the only redeeming quali...

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I've been watching a lot of Game of Thrones with Daniel lately. It's an interesting show and I can't wait to see more of it. On the side I'm watching lets plays by MasaeAnela and Chuggaconroy. (Tales of Symphonia, Pokemon Black and White, and Majo...

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Well, the time has come for me to write about my life again. Things haven't been all that interesting lately though, instead more busy. Two official jobs now and two college classes. I'm concerned about my emotional state though... It's pro...

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This morning I got my first blood test, it wasn't that painful and needles don't really scare me. (It'd be really inconvenient if they did.) But as the doctor was filling the 2nd or 3rd test tube I noticed my vision started blurring and I was brea...

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