Welcome to theOtaku Secret Santa Fan Art Event for 2014~! :D MangaKid and I will be hosting the event this year and we hope you all have fun~

IMPORTANT: This Secret Santa event is for Fan Art ONLY, though you don't have to be an expert artist maker. I'm sure others will soon be creating other sections for theO, so keep an eye out for those. There are posts from earlier secret santa events, so please just be mindful about the dates as to not get confused. :)

Entry Submission CLOSED


Important Dates

Icon Secret Santa, hosted by Ritona Raito -->LINK
Ecard Secret Santa, hosted by Chibi-Anna-Chan --> LINK
IWallpaper Secret Santa, hosted by Aka Yuki --> LINK
Wallpaper Secret Santa, hosted by Clueless101 --> LINK

Regarding SS Fan Art 2015

Heyo all!

I see that Secret Santa stuff has occurred and I just wanted to let you know what's up with the fan art section.

Unfortunately, MangaKid and myself are too busy to host it this year, and so we'd like to support whoever takes it on! You're welcome to use the rules/format, or not! :) Best of luck to the new host(s). ^^

IMPORTANT: Late Gifts + Next

Hello everyone,

By now I'm sure you're all back to your normal routine and probably remember Christmas as EONS ago. However, I have unfortunately received some PM's regarding SUPER LATE GIFTS.

This year has been particularly with the amount of people who have either 1) dropped out and 2) Have yet to respond to us. For those who have messaged us stating they can no longer participate, we thank you for letting us know as it is helped in getting some sub Santa's prepared. For those who haven't gotten back to us...you have unfortunately made this year super hard on us (the hosts) and on those still awaiting your gifts.

I have messaged those back who have addressed concerns with me, and either MangaKid or I will be personally be making gifts to those who have waited so long. I know this isn't the same, but hope that it will show how grateful we are for you to have participated in our SS event.

In regards to next year's Fan Art SS Event (if co-hosted by us again), if you have not contacted us to let us know you dropped out, we will sadly, be hesitant to let you participate in another event. We realize this seems kind of harsh, but to those who have waited, and to us, you've had roughly two months to let us know if you were not able to make it (this will not apply to those who have messaged us that they had to drop out). This is a serious event that is meant to be fun to everyone.

Thanks for reading guys! And to those who have helped make this event to successful! :D
Take care~ ^^

Itachisasuke's SS Group

Heyo all!

As people have started to post their art, I will be updating the list of the participants on my side :)

NOTE: If you received your gift from your Santa, but don't see it below, please leave a comment so I can keep better track :) For those who have not yet received a gift yet, please don't worry, we're working our best to sort it all out :D Happy New Years Everyone!!

It will go as: {Secret Santa} --> {Receiver} = {Gift}
Names will be added as Santa's post their art! :)

{MangaKid} --> {Superstarpanou} = {Gift}
{MashMadness} --> {Yummy Sukia} = {Gift_01} + {Gift_02...pending}
{Kohakuma} --> {fluffy sama san} = {Gift}
{Neilly} --> {Felcie} = {Gift}
{Fluffy sama fan} --> {Evalinna} = {Gift}
{Hifsa} --> {Mootouman} = {Gift}
{Tauria} --> {Katherine Talbot} = {Gift}
{Black Crow} --> {thelostsindar} = {Gift}
{Mootouman} --> {hackerblackrose} = {Gift}
{theLostsindar} --> {Sena Harulumin} = {Gift}
{Artgrrl} --> {cougarsama} = {Gift}
{Evalinna} -->
{Stocking} --> {Mangaandanimelove} = {Gift}
{Mangaandanimelove} --> {nikkeh09} = {Gift}
{Infinatelove42} --> {harvestmoonluvr} = {Gift}
{HotRamen2go009} --> {MashMadness} = {Gift}
{Pandaman08} --> {Moonlit dream} = {Gift}
{Aryia} -->
{Buffy23} --> {DemonsandAngels} = {Gift}
{OoAnBuOo} --> {Dragonflyte} = {Gift}
{TAKEO1991} -->
{Hackerblackrose} --> {Sane Restriction} = {Gift}
{KyraChan} --> {Chibi-Anna-Chan} = {Gift}
{Superstarpanou} --> {Pandaman08} = {Gift}
{CelestialSushi} --> {HotRamen2Go009} = {Gift}
{Yuko9kost} --> {PerfectlyDamned} = {Gift}
{Yummy Suika} --> {kohakuma} = {Gift}
{Fullmetalfan28} -->
{Torao} --> {Ellenor Mererid} = {Gift}
{Lindtey99} --> {Black Crow} = {Gift}
{Fire.freak} --> {XXXYuiLieaxxx} = {Gift}
{XXXYuiLieaxxx} --> {deidara310} ={Gift}
{Kbreeze12} -->
{Lorrainiaful} -->
{Keya} --> {Toyotami Kun} = {Gift}
{21Emmz12} --> {Kyrachan} = {Gift}
{Yours Truly} --> {...Pending}

You still have time to post SS gifts!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday~

I've had some people feeling rushed now that Christmas day has passed, but no pressure. Those of you who haven't finished your SS gift including me still have until December 30th. We won't be contacting late Santas until the new year but we thank those who have already warned us they might be late. We'll go ahead and contact the person you are drawing for if you do need more time in January to finish your gift.

To those who have posted, your arts are all amazing and incredible!! This year is truly one of the most fun and awesome ones yet! I am honored to host with ItachiSasuke and to be back on this site with amazing Otaku friends this holiday <3


Post your SS Gifts!

Sorry for our lateness with an official START POSTING notice!! We know there have probably been some uploads already which is great!! But if you haven't posted yet, then you can do it anytime now til December 30th.
Those who haven't started their gift yet or are having trouble with their drawing still have time, no rush. But late Santas must let us know if they won't be finished by the 30th or we'll have to start contacting them!

Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for being such a great participants this busy year!!