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Prompt List for Inktober 2019

Some of you are wondering what to draw for Inktober 2019, which begins on 10/01/2019 and ends on 10/31/2019. Well, a few hours ago, I have created prompt list you can follow should you decide to participate in this year's Inktober (the theme for t...

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My Result in A FT quiz by Playbuzz

So far, my experience with Fairy Tail consists of reading Fairy Tail's Fairy Girls and Fairy Tail Zero, and a few days ago, I got my first Fairy Tail figure, which happens to be a Pop Animation figure of Fairy Tail co-protagonist Lucy Heartfilia. Just today, I felt curious about which character from Fairy Tail lore I'm mostly a mirror of despite having neither read the primary Fairy Tail manga serial nor watched any of the Fairy Tail anime. Therefore, I took the "which Fairy Tail character Are you?" quiz at Playbuzz, and here is my result ended up being Lucy Heartfilia.

11:30 PM Canada ET

The 100 Best Anime of the Last 100 Years (according to TAAF)

In case some of you are not aware, this year marks the 100th anniversary of the Japanese animation industry. Recently, the staff of the Tokyo Anime Award Festival put together their list of the 100 best anime to be released/launched in the last 100 years, and apparently, the titles are in order of release time. If you're curious about whether or not any of your favorite anime made the cut, you can view the entire list at the Otaku USA website (I know some of my favs did).

5:40 PM Canada ET

KanColle is getting a Region 1 DVD Release

Some otaku in North America have waited to hear if Fleet Girls Collection: KanColle Animation Sequence will get distributed on DVD and Blu-Ray in North America, and according yesterday's announcement from Funimation Entertainment, it's finally happening, although the first season of the animated series itself won't get the English dub/English sub DVD release in North America until 6/27/2017 (and Funimation will use a different title under which to distribute the KanColle anime series in both English dub and Englsh sub formats, which is "KanColle - Kantai Collection").

Now we wait for news on when season 2 premiers and when the series' film spinoff (Fleet Girls Collection: KanColle Movie Sequence) will be licensed for commercial distribution in North America as well.

5:25 Pm Canada ET

Udon is Accepting SF/DS fan Art Submissions for a Limited Time

Many of us at theOtaku.com love to share our fan art online here. Today, Udon Entertainment reveals a plan for celebrating the countdown to the launch of its Street Fighter/Darkstalkers comic book miniseries and you can read all about it here

4:13 PM Canada ET