-+-+-+-INTRO, RULES, AND FAQ-+-+-+-


The Mythological Creatures Club- where a gang of quirky monsters & hybrids & various other anomalies unite to solve the conundrum of their strange, curiously similiar lives... Together they'll embark on a dangerous journey full of battles and close calls, nostalgia and solving mind-blowing mysteries.

Your character will soon find themselves face-to-face with the Werewolf Akira and her friends; asking you to join their club to help solve a troubling mystery... If your character chooses to accept, you can guarantee their way of life will be threatened as they know it. But will it be worth finding out the truth...?

Do you love to write? Do you love solving mysteries? Do you love mind-blowing plot twists??

This club is a wonderful place for creative minds from all across the world weave a tale of mystery, action, romance, and comedy. So how do you get started?


1.) Create your own original character; Check out the CHARACTER TEMPLATE to guide your imagination. :) Even if you're a returning member of the MCC, we need you to fill out this form and send it to us!
2.) We'll post your character to the world, and then add you as a Guest Poster. (TO POST AS A GUEST, GO TO YOUR BACKROOM, HOVER OVER POST>>, AND SELECT ADD GUEST POST. IF THE MCC ISN'T THERE, LET ME KNOW AND I WILL ADD YOU ASAP! The only fields you need to fill out are the title, your story, and click the box Shorten to a New Page...) If you have any MCC art you'd like to share, let us know and we'll add you to our Fan Art page
3.) Write your story and post it for everyone to see! <3 The first prompt is "How did your character come to be a member of the MCC?" Be as creative as you want, but make sure it makes sense, too! Basically, have fun! :D
4.) Make sure to read all your fellow club member's posts! Feedback is not a strict requirement, but it's always nice to leave a little comment on each other's posts. We're a club after all!


  • Stick to their character: Respect your fellow club mate's characters and follow their personalities as best as you can! You wouldn't want someone butchering your character's personality, would you? Do your research. If you're completely lost as to how they might react, just send them a message or comment on one of their posts and ask! :)
  • Romance in the club: Romance between characters is perfectly fine, as long as you get permission from the owner of said character to start a relationship. HOWEVER, flirting is totally allowed (and encouraged)
  • Leaving the club: If you joined the club but wish to leave for any reason, please let us know. We'll have to adjust the rest of the story to your absence so it can keep going for the rest of the club smoothly. We might even kill off your character! With your permission, of course.
  • Keep it appropriate: Please keep your posts at roughly PG-13, in regards to cursing and sexual themes. We're pretty lenient about violence since there will be plenty of battles and bloodshed. If you think your post could be traumatizing to younger readers, please make a quick disclaimer at the beginning of your post. Ex: Warning, the first few paragraphs contain excessive amounts of gore...


Q: How exactly does this work?
A: Well, each story will start with some kind of prompt from us. We expect you to write what your character is experiencing from their perspective. For example, if we start a battle, we give you the chance to write about what your character did. But if you have a wonderful idea to move the story forward, don't hesitate to take initiative and write it out! We want this club to be an inspiring place for writers, so if you have something that you know will benefit the club, then go for it. :)

Q: Can my character be from Avatar? Or Teen Titans? Or Kim Possible? Or...
A: Unfortunately, there's a no copyrighted creatures policy here at MCC. This club is completely original and we want to keep it that way. So no specific characters from your favorite TV shows. We're sorry. If you have any questions about whether something is copyrighted or not, please send us a message or comment to ask.

Q: Can my character be an antagonist?
A: I think that would be a refreshing twist...We can talk about it, and find a way to make it work. :) Only a couple people can do this though or else all Hell'll break lose. First come, first serve.

Q: Do I have to be a good artist to join the club?
A: Goodness, no. You just have to love to write! The Fan Art section is just nice additional side to our club since many of our members double as artists! <3

Q: I'm lost! There's so many posts to read and I don't have the time. I don't know how to join because the story is too thick for me to just jump in...
A: It's never too late to join the club! We've specifically chosen a storyline where new members can join at ANY time. Now, if you're lost in the story, just visit our STORY SO FAR page for an updated summary of the events that have taken place so far. No worries~!

Q: Can I make more than one character?
A: Yep! No more than two, though. If you contribute greatly to the club and build up a trusted reputation, then maybe you could make a third if you like. However, we recommend that you start out with just one to get the hang of things. Also, please don't make two characters just for the sake of romance- If there's going to be romance, have it with someone else's character. It's much more fun, anyway :)

Q: Where does the story take place? Where should my character live?
A: The story starts out in the heart of Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Where your character lives, that's up to you! The point of the club is that we travel the world searching for you and solve mysteries along the way. The story will take place over several months, so travel is not a problem. We simply skip to the part where we knock on your front door, or maybe crash through the ceiling, or save your life... something that gives your character the chance to talk to either Akira or Sebastian or any of the other club members :)