I am trying oh so very hard to be strong. For him and me and now my friends. Im trying to be the rock that everyone leans on, but its so hard.. even a rock needs a break sometime. Even though people said they would be here for me and him, no one really is..
They said they were his best friends or "brothers" and that they would send him money, but I'm the only one along with his mom and his real brothers. Im so angry, my friend said that maybe they don't want to bc it hurts them
Excuse me it hurts all of us but im still sucking it up and doing everything i can.
Its just so hard without him, i feel horrible. I know he still calls me but thats not enough, but i guess that'll have to do for now

I need..

I need to start a new hobby or pick up an old one again.
Start drawing again, or go out and sign up for a club..
Get my mind off things..
I need ideas

Living without..

Hey world of thoughts,
I've been overthinking everything. Thinking about my love. How he's doing, what's he doing? is he okay? Did he make friends?
I miss him so much, he'll come back, I know that. I keep telling myself that, but it doesn't stop the tears because he's not with me right now..
I'll always love him and I'll wait for him. All I can do is write to him and he write back and phone calls..