The Heroes Within Us

A medieval fantasy AU story written by Eneko,
aided by my friends Marcos, Himedere, and xNotunderstood. Intentionally designed similar to the feel of TESV: Skyrim.

In Camése, a growing medieval country inhabited by humans, feral and docile Pokemon, as well as sentient half-breeds of the two, a disturbing calamity has taken place and several unlikely individuals answer the call to vengeance.

Anticipated Story Premiere Date: 6/01/16 7/01/16

Important Links

World History
Writing Guidelines and World Details Hub
All Character Profiles
World Maps
Outline of Events

Mounts and Pack Animals

Only a few of the hundreds of beasts indigenous to the land have been successfully broken in for riding and transportation. I've organized them from the easiest-trained to the more difficult. Included are the specific stats for each animal as well...

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Guidelines and Details Hub

Overall World Details: Rules for Writing, and Terminology Use ...

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Maps Portal

This is where I'll be putting links to pictures of all the different areas of this universe I'm creating.

Camése Detailed Map
Camése Topographical Map
Angrova Detailed Map
Angrova Topographical Map

World Map


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Halfling Evolution

Evolution is a long, painful process for most halflings. It takes anywhere from a week to two weeks. Along with the pain of growing new ears, horns, or tails, or having existing details fall off, things can commonly go wrong with the evolution pro...

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