The Heroes Within Us

A medieval fantasy AU story written by Eneko,
aided by my friends Marcos, Himedere, and xNotunderstood. Intentionally designed similar to the feel of TESV: Skyrim.

In Camése, a growing medieval country inhabited by humans, feral and docile Pokemon, as well as sentient half-breeds of the two, a disturbing calamity has taken place and several unlikely individuals answer the call to vengeance.

Anticipated Story Premiere Date: 6/01/16 7/01/16

Important Links

World History
Writing Guidelines and World Details Hub
All Character Profiles
World Maps
Outline of Events

More Updates Coming

I've come up with a TON of new info on the story. I'm eager to get it all posted here on the site. Expect updates through this weekend!

~updated world history
~details on halfling powers, evolution, and dietary habits
~extra rules/guidelines for writing in this AU
~movement, travel, and mount (as in riding animals as transportation) details

Town Descriptions

---------------- Camése ----------------- Capital: High Ash ...

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Important Updates coming!

Hey guys, whoever actually reads things that are posted on this world... I know things have been slow, nobody's posted anything for quite some time. This is mainly because I am busy behind the scenes, getting the history, geography, economics, and...

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This is a reminder, if you are not helping us write the story, if you are just reading it as we post it... do not read the "Story Outline" unless you want MAJOR SPOILERS!! It will probably take the fun out of reading the story if you see what is going to happen!

That is all.

Story Outline

Protagonists' Storyline This will be a brief outline of the direction I want this epic tale to take! This is meant to help us along and remind us of what we are trying to accomplish. These eve...

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