The Heroes Within Us

A medieval fantasy AU story written by Eneko,
aided by my friends Marcos, Himedere, and xNotunderstood. Intentionally designed similar to the feel of TESV: Skyrim.

In Camése, a growing medieval country inhabited by humans, feral and docile Pokemon, as well as sentient half-breeds of the two, a disturbing calamity has taken place and several unlikely individuals answer the call to vengeance.

Anticipated Story Premiere Date: 6/01/16 7/01/16

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The past few months, I've been doing a lot of research on the middle ages - clothing, customs, hygiene, travel, housing, jobs... everything. Danni, Lamby... I'm wondering if y'all think I should make a post or two here, summarizing the really useful parts of information I found! It'd be put in the introduction for writing references, so when y'all are writing your characters' parts, you can refer to the concise information I've posted here instead of having to look all over the internet for what you might need.