The Heroes Within Us

A medieval fantasy AU story written by Eneko,
aided by my friends Marcos, Himedere, and xNotunderstood. Intentionally designed similar to the feel of TESV: Skyrim.

In Camése, a growing medieval country inhabited by humans, feral and docile Pokemon, as well as sentient half-breeds of the two, a disturbing calamity has taken place and several unlikely individuals answer the call to vengeance.

Anticipated Story Premiere Date: 6/01/16 7/01/16

Important Links

World History
Writing Guidelines and World Details Hub
All Character Profiles
World Maps
Outline of Events

12/15/15 update!


Just a reminder that this story is still definitely happening. I hope to start writing by June 2016. Until then I've got some tweaking to do to the appearance and systems of the universe I've created just for the story! I actually just added a TON of new information to all the locations! I've also made changes to the overworld map of Camése. Y'all should go check it out!! Just click Locations up there in the World header to read about each town, and click World Maps to look at the improved world map.

A quick look at what's changed/updated:

  • Town icons on world map are redone
  • More rivers, trees, and cliffs added to world map
  • Named the big mountain range and ruins in the middle of the channel
  • Added a physical description of each town into the Locations post (town layout, building materials)
  • Added exports of each town
  • Added various amenities and shops to each town
  • Population changes

Coming soon: individual, detailed maps of each city! Expected sometime around the end of December.



Hey guys, whoever might be keeping tabs on this future story.

This is definitely STILL happening. I know it's going really slow, and there aren't many posts yet. But I assure you I think about it nearly every single day and am very busy coming up with plot and character ideas!

I've been really busy with other things as of late... but I'm aiming to get most of the things done by next summer, when I'll hopefully get the time to finally start writing for this magnificent story!

Lamby, Danni... are you two still on board for helping me write this? Because I still need and would LOVE your help with this!