The Most Beautiful Flower of the Nile

I've always been captivated by the character of Ishizu Ishtar. I was re-watching the Battle City season and I was inspired to write a story about her.

I was a scribe in the lands of the Pharaoh's. Life was easy for educated men such as I. My father had been the royal scribe of the Pharaoh himself and that title would pass to me. I was content. Blessed with youth, life was an adventure. The sun set on the Nile and rose to greet her the next day. I would wake up early to see the Sun Disk kiss the surface of the waters. It was one of the wonders of the world that made me thankful to be alive. I was instructed in the workings of the Divine who created us and the world. The Nile was the most beautiful of the Divine's creation.

One morning, I rose early before my studies in order to watch the Sun Disk rise again. Father had brought many flowers home that he gave to my mother the previous day. They came from far East and I believe he called them “Lotus flowers.” I thought I would give these beautiful flowers to the Nile to praise her for her beauty, so just as the Sun rose to meet his daughter, I placed a lotus flower on the river and gave my humble gift. I watched the flower as it went downstream until I noticed a young girl on the other side of the river. She picked up the flower and marveled at its beauty. I suppose she had never seen a Lotus before. When I saw her face, I was stunned. I couldn't help but gaze at her. For a moment I had asked myself if the Nile had chosen to grace me with her beautiful presence by taking human form.

I walked across the river as if under a trance. The young lady heard me approach and looked up at me.

“Is this yours?”

I couldn't respond to her. I dared not defile the ears of the Nile if she truly was before me.

“Can you speak?”

“I can, my lady.”

“Does this flower belong to you?”

“I gave it to thee.”

“But you do not know me.”

I had to contradict her. I woke up every morning to see her. Of course I knew her!

“My lady, I rise before my studies to see the wonder of thy beauty as your father shines upon thee. I am honored that the beautiful river Nile from which life comes has appeared to me and even speaks to a humble boy such as I.”

“I am confused by your statement, sir.”

“Oh, goddess, I wish not to dishonor thine ears anymore with my foolish words.”

“It is no dishonor. You have given me a beautiful gift. Speaking to you is but a small way to repay you.”

“I graciously thank you for accepting my gift goddess.”

“You are mistaken, young sir.”

“I pray I have not acted disgracefully in thy divine presence.”

“No, you misunderstand. I am no goddess. My name is Isis. Though I am named after one, I am mortal as you are.”

I felt quite ashamed at this.

“Forgive me, my lady. I was unaware. I suppose it was because I come here every morning to watch the sun kiss the Nile and I thought that perhaps she had come to see me today.”

“I am sorry to have disappointed you. If your gift was to the Nile, I can return it to you.”

“No, please keep it. I can think of no other being, human or divine that I would wish to have it.”

“Thank you, it is truly beautiful. May I ask another gift from you and inquire your name?”


“Thank you, Baraka. I hope we will meet again.”

She walked away and stepped into the sunlight. It was then that I saw the golden head band that signified her status. She was to be a servant of the pharoah and part of his royal court of aids and advisers. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I could never love anyone else after I had met her. She was everything I ever wanted. And she could never be mine.

How did you like it?

I'm going to be switching back and forth between Ancient Egypt and the world of Battle City.

Thanks for reading :)