The Most Beautiful Flower of the Nile: Chapter 2

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Let's travel some years after the pyramids of Egypt to a more contemporary time.

5000 years later...

“Hello. Mr. Stephen?”


“I'm calling on behalf of Mr. Seto Kaiba. He would like to invite you to his office tomorrow in order to discuss the terms of your agreement.”

“But I'm in Italy right now. I'm visiting a relative of mine. I can't possibly make it there by tomorrow.”

“Is your relative still ill?”

“No, she's recovering, so it's not as though I don't want to come to meet Mr. Kaiba, but I'm afraid I cannot book a flight that will arrive in Domino city by tomorrow.”

“Mr. Kaiba is sending his private Blue Eyes Jet to transport you. First Class.”

“Oh. Thank Mr. Kaiba for his generosity. I'll pack immediately and be at the airport right away.”

“I'm emailing you your boarding pass as we speak.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Enjoy your flight, and I will be there at the airport to personally greet you and drive you to Kaiba Corp's headquarters.”

John closed his flip phone. He sat at the edge of his bed and looked outside. The moon was full tonight, and he had always been superstitious, so he wasn't completely surprised that such a strange urgency was placed on the business deal with Seto Kaiba. Notaro John Stephens was in the sound industry. Kaiba was developing a new device to be used in conjunction with the Duel Monsters trading card game. He thought perhaps that it would take a few weeks to draw up the business contracts, but this was only a few days after initial negotiations.

What was Kaiba's rush anyway?

In Rome, it was almost midnight and John was about to get to bed. He hadn't expected any calls, especially from Kaiba Corp. By this token, he figured that something of urgency had come up. He gathered his clothes and certain books and placed them in his carry-on suitcase. He reached for his glasses on the night stand and made his way downstairs. He laid a check on the front counter. He took out a writing pad and a pen to jot down a quick note.
“Per favore..”

He was interrupted by the innkeeper who was awoken by John's rush down the stairs.

“Scusi, Signore. Um...”

What's the Italian for can you?


“Do you need me to leave a message for someone?” said the innkeeper in perfect English.

John didn't have time to be shocked.

“Yes. Please call this number in the morning and tell them that Notaro had to leave on a business trip, but that he would call tomorrow.”

“Alright. Thank you for staying with us. Buona Sera.”



John rushed along the cobblestones to a place with good reception and made a phone call.

“Hey, sorry to wake you, but Kaiba Corp wanted to meet with me right away.”

“It's ok. I was just dreaming about Mai Valentine and we had just been shipwrecked on a tropical island without anyone to get in our way.”

“Sorry about that.”

“No worries, sir. I was just joking. Mai wouldn't have me in real life anyway. I'll be right there.”

John waited for about 5 minutes and then he heard the roar of a Ferrari.

“Took you long enough,” jested John.

“I'm not exactly Speed Racer at 12:00 in the morning.”

“Haha, my bad, Sonny.”

“Don't worry about that. Let's get to the airport, shall we?”

John stepped in and drove off into the night with the windows open.

When they reached the airport, one of Kaiba's suits had been waiting at the base of a gigantic airplain in the shape of a Blue Eyes White Dragon.

“See ya Sonny. Thanks for the lift. I'll meet you in Domino in a day or two.”

“Sure you don't need me for anything for a bit?”

“Yeah. Kaiba will have some transportation and besides, I don't mind walking.”

“Yeah, you need to lose a few pounds,” said Sonny despite the fact that John was amazingly thin for one who didn't exercise much.
He stepped up to the Kaiba Corp employee at the base of the dragon.

“Hello, Mr. Stephen. Welcome to Mr. Kaiba's-”

John interrupted him by throwing him his suitcase.

“Hey, I'm John. Let's get this thing in the air. Kaiba's in such a rush to see me so why don't we get going then, alright?”

“Of course.”

Jake reclined on the leather couch in the main section of the jet. Kaiba's employee stood in what appeared to be the flight attendant's area and intended to remain there until the jet landed in Domino.

“You guys have any snacks back there?”

“We have caviar and all the finest hors d'oeuvres.”

“Got any Cheetos?”

“I, um, actually brought some myself.”

“Mind if I share? Why don't you sit on the couch across from me? You can't stand all flight.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“No, thanks for the snacks.”

John put on his noise canceling headphones which he designed himself so that he couldn't even hear the Cheetos crunching as he chewed.

When the planed landed, John removed his headphones and looked at his watch. He had already shifted the time to match that of Domino City. He was surprised that only 2 hours had passed.

“How did we get hear so fast?”

“Mr. Kaiba's jet is state of the art. No expense is spared in business deals. Mr. Roland will be here to drive you to Kaiba Corp's main office. Mr. Kaiba understands that you probably haven't gotten much sleep and therefore has scheduled his meeting for later in the evening.”

“Thanks. Oh and thanks a lot for the Cheetos.”

“No problem, sir.”

John took his bag and went to meet Roland.

“I trust your flight was enjoyable.”

“And speedy. How do you get these things to go so fast?”

“All secrets of Kaiba Corp. I'll drive you to Kaiba Corp now.”

John collapsed on the bed of his room and fell into a deep sleep.

John opened his eyes and heard the movement of water.

“Where am I?”

John heard a faint voice that seemed to be humming a sweet tune. He was mesmerized by the sound. He followed the source of the voice until he could make out the figure of a woman. He couldn't make out her face for a moment, but eventually he did manage to see a smile, but he could not see the rest of her face. Before John could move any closer, he woke up to his alarm.


“It's that dream again.”

John looked at his watched and saw that he had two hours before his meeting with Kaiba. He turned on the news which was almost over.

“...the recent Egyptian exhibit at the Domino City museum has caused quite a sensation amongst duelists and history enthusiasts alike. The Ancient Egyptian roots of Duel Monsters are illustrated with special carvings that seem to resemble the images on Maximilian Pegasus's popular card game.”

“Hmm...Duel Monsters in Egypt? This I've got to see. Besides I have some time to kill.”


These two characters aren't as unrelated as I may have (unintentionally) made them seem to be. I suppose I'm going to model this relationship off of Yugi and Atem's in the anime, but not entirely. I don't know if alter ego will be utilized in this story.

We'll be back in Egypt next chapter.

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