Dreaming Maze Chp. 3

I walk a few steps and look at my surroundings, it's weird I don't remember any of the strange things that are here now.
I look at the Map to see if I can figure out witch way to go.
"What the-?" I said, louder than I meant to.
"You didn't know?" Said...well you know who said it.
"Obviously not." I replied. "How am I suppose to get out of here if the Map-" I looked up. "And my surroundings change?"
"You'll figure it out-"
"In time, right?" I said, getting irritated. "Never mind.....are you at least going to tell me your Name?"
"Well if I'm going to have to help you with every little task, I suppose you knowing my Name would be best," He said, walking out of the Shadows. "Shadow." He said.
"Shadow, huh, Should of guessed..." I whispered. "Well, I'm-"
"Rayrin, I know."
"Well you just know every thing, now don't you." I said sarcastically.
"No, but I do know more than you."
I glared at Him.
He started to walk away. "Come on if your coming."
I followed, still glaring at Him.

We walked around a few corners, never finding a dead end, then all the sudden he stopped.
"Whats wrong?" I asked.
"Well if you knew anything, then you'd know why we stopped."
"Well-" I stopped letting the sentence hang. "What is that?"
"Exactly," He said. "And now your loud talking has woken it."
"Well its-" I stopped. "What are we suppose to do?"
"We?" He said.
"What do you mean by that?" I looked over. "Gone of course."
I started to run and noticed something glimmering, I looked down.
'My Necklace' I took it from my neck, and all the sudden it filled the maze with a gray light.
"Whats going on??" I screamed.
I realized that my necklace got heavy, I looked at it.
"A Sword??" I said, half screaming.