Dreaming Maze Chp. 4

"You want me to use a Freaking Sword!" I said, to no one. "Really!"
I hear walking noises behind me, I turn my head.
"Oh," I said. "I forgot about you..."
It slowly walked closer to me, the thing that I woke, eying the Sword, as if to see if I plan to use it.
The thing is only a few feet away now, I lift the Sword over my head, and make a weak swing, it looked at me, like it was shocked the I actually tried to swing at it, then all the sudden it ran off.
'What..' I thought. 'If anything that was more amusing than scary...'
Then I noticed the Darkness creeping up behind me.
"Crap! That's why you ran!"
Before I could take one step, everything was surrounded in Darkness.
It was like at the Tree only, there was no Lantern, just the shimmering glow that came from the Sword, which was now returning to the form of a Key.
"But how..."
"Well even if you didn't fight it," Shadow said, reappearing. "I suppose you still got rid of it."
I looked up, half angry that He left, half glad to not be alone.
"Yeah no thanks to you."
"What did you expect me to do??"
"I don't know, you've got to have some kind of power, the way you pop up out of no ware."
"Meh, that's not power, it's just knowing when to disappear."
"Whatever, can you at least tell me about my Necklace? Without telling me I'll find out soon."
"Well I thought it'd be obvious," He said. "It turns into a Sword!"
"Wow, and I seriously thought you where going to tell me something..."
"Nope!" He said, Smiling.
"The Darkness went away..." I said, wanting to ask what he meant when he said that I scared it off.
"Hmm, so it did." He said looking up. "And now it's raining that, is very, strange.."
I felt the rain drops on my Face, it was warm, a good change from all the coldness.